Eric Melvin & Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog

Eric Melvin is a passionate and engaging inspirational speaker, author and artist widely known as the award-winning and innovative trainer of “Angelyne the Amazing DEAF Cattle Dog.” Currently aligned with his canine companion and for decades prior, Eric is an enthusiastic advocate for people and animals with disabilities.

Overcoming challenges with strength and compassion is in Eric’s DNA. When he was 14 he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The lifelong chronic illness worried Eric at first but was not unfamiliar as his mother had been stricken with adult onset diabetes a few years earlier. Despite his fears and complicated adolescent years with diabetes, Eric surpassed his barriers by staying positive playing sports, participating in extracurricular activities, while maintaining a B average. In high school Eric went on to earn a scholarship in his pursuit of a career in creative services and communications. He went on to graduate from Regis University.

Prior to Eric’s inspirational speaking career and influential work with Angelyne, Eric’s career led him to success while working for an award-winning commercial radio station, being a published writer and running a small business supporting young artists and musicians. One milestone for Eric during those years was planning a successful concert series benefitting a school music education program.

Together, working hand in paw, Eric and Angelyne (born congenitally deaf) created a unique and influential deaf dog communication, training and inspirational program, giving over 450 inspirational public presentations nationwide since their start. Angelyne responds to over 60 cues including hand signals, touch, lights, body language, facial expressions and vibrations. Eric and Angelyne are also known for their dedication to character education and compassion development in schools and youth programs.

Eric and Angelyne career highlights include 11 dog talent show victories, stories in 3 books, TV appearances, an invitation to audition for “America’s Got Talent” and speaking engagements at pet expos and other organizations dealing directly with people and animals with disabilities. They have also shared educational and entertainment stages with famous animal advocates as Joel Silverman, Shorty Rossi, Guy Gilchrist, Wendy Francisco and many more.

Eric’s lives life to the fullest despite his barriers with diabetes and he strives to inspire others to surpass their barriers. Ironically, over a decade ago, the success, positive attitude and will power Eric strived for to defeat diabetes began dramatically affecting his body and life. When people meet Eric they don’t suspect he is living with many diabetes related invisible disabilities including poly neuropathy, a collapsed / deformed foot, osteoarthritis in his feet and macular degeneration in his eyes.

Eric acknowledges that our society appears to see people from the outside-in but he believes our society should see people for who we are from the inside-out! Eric and Angelyne’s story and presentation will warm your heart and mind as well as inspire you to surpass your barriers!

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