John Masters

John Masters, a Colorado native, has traveled all over the world, but always seems to find his way back to his home in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado. As an Airborne Ranger in the United States Army, John became very familiar with the deserts of both Afghanistan and Iraq, then as part of the N0 Barrier’s Family has participated in expeditions ranging from climbing volcanoes in Ecuador to summiting glaciers in Peru. John has recently returned from a journey as an Assistant Expedition Leader helping guide 11 wounded warriors up Gannett Peak, the highest mountain in Wyoming, and is now preparing to embark on a new adventure empowering the Grand Canyon Veteran Wilderness Expedition Team to break through barriers, find their inner purpose and contribute their very best to the world.

*Fire Side Chat with Army Sergeant First Class (Ret.) Cory Remsburg and Army Staff Sergeant (Ret.) John Masters: Two No Barriers Warriors Alumni, unexpectedly reunited on the 2015 No Barriers Grand Canyon Veteran Wilderness Expedition, after serving together as Army Rangers and recovering from injuries at the same at Walter Reed Medical Center. (Veterans Reception is a private event for Veterans only)



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