Ricardo Valdes

Miami, Florida - US ARMY

Ricardo Valdes joined the Army Reserve in 1999 as a Military Policeman(MP). After two years in the reserves however, Ricardo knew he wanted more out of his time in the military. He enlisted active duty in 2001 and shortly after deployed to Iraq. Ricardo enjoyed his time in the service and was honorably discharged in 2008.

In his civilian life, Ricardo words in the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a Communication Supervisor for the Police Department. He loves the outdoors and enjoys spending his free time outside with his girlfriend and kids. Of late, Ricardo finds that he has done fewer of the activities he used to enjoy in order to avoid being around strangers. Through this expedition, he hopes to come out of his shell and adapt better skills that enable him to better interact with other people. Through expanding his communication skills, he hopes to continue the outdoor experience with his family so that they may grow stronger together.


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