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What's Within You Is Stronger Than What's In Your Way

We all know being a kid, parent or teacher is more difficult than ever.  No Barriers unleashes the potential of educators and the youth they serve, giving them the mindset and tools to break through barriers, live with purpose, and give their absolute best to the world.

At our core, we all crave purpose. Yet, every day we face challenges. Only some of us have a trail map to navigate the barriers between our idealistic aspirations and our potential. As a result, many give up and lose hope. Others settle at a place far short of their dreams. Only some of us continue to climb toward those things we know in our hearts to be truly possible.

No Barriers serves as a catalyst to activate human potential. Our programs empower students and educators to connect to purpose, push their comfort zones and to learn the skills to break through the adversities they face. It’s a collection of authentic learning experiences that teach a new mindset:

“What’s within me is stronger than what’s in my way.”

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Life-Changing Experiences

Our nonprofit mission demands that we create life-changing experiences.  In the virtual space, this includes online programs for students and curricula for educators to use with their students.  We also love bringing people together in person to experience our events, camps, retreats and youth expeditions.  We teach a proven philosophy used by tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years, and featured in our bestselling book What’s Within You, to break through adversity:



Needs & Impact

Now, more than ever, our students and educators need support to believe in a positive future.  With mental health challenges on the rise as we face increased isolation due to COVID-19, we need to provide proven tools to help navigate through life’s challenges.


Of participants agree that What's Within Me Is Stronger Than What's In My Way post-program


Of students nationwide report feeling unhappy or depressed during times of COVID-19


of participants report “I have a responsibility to contribute to something bigger than myself” post-program.

Why No Barriers?

We’ve been changing the lives of kids, veterans, adults and corporate leaders for nearly 20 years. We can do the same for your students and educators.

Barrier Busting Expertise
Our proven educational philosophy will teach your students and educators to look at challenges as opportunities and unlock their fullest potential.

Every Experience Matters
Our offerings create moments of insight, confidence and connection that can lead to profound learning.

Astonishing, World-Famous Guides
Learn from non-traditional experts who have failed and succeeded at extraordinary levels. These superstars move and inspire us.

We know you can’t afford to bring every student and educator through in-person experiences. So we’ve created powerful ways to scale to
classrooms across the globe.

Authentic Transformation
Our team has experience providing authentic, transformative experiences, tools, and inspiration to students from all walks of life.

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