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Episode 1: What is the No Barriers Podcast?

This episode will introduce our listeners to the mission behind the No Barriers Podcast and what we are trying to accomplish with putting this out to our community. To start, you will meet our hosts and hear about their background.

The No Barriers podcast is about sharing stories of transformation — introducing our community to people who have encountered a barrier and have confronted it and are thriving (or working on thriving). We want to highlight that struggle and maybe unearth some nuggets of wisdom in what was discovered in that process.

We hope you listen to these stories and extract meaning in your own life.

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————————— EPISODE TRANSCRIPT —————————–

Erik: It’s easy to talk about the triumphs, but what doesn’t get talked about enough is the struggle.

Erik: My name is Erik Weihenmayer. I’m an adventurer. I’ve climbed Mount Everest and the Seven Summits, the tallest peak on every continent, and I happen to be blind. And I can tell you it’s been a struggle to live what we call a «no barriers» life–to define it, to push the parameters of what it can mean. And part of the equation of this life is understanding this process of growth that we’re all striving for–to dive down into that experience and illuminate the elements, those universal elements that we have to harness along the way, like way points on a trail, like holds on a rock face, that lead us forward towards change, towards growth, towards transformation. And that unexplored terrain between those safe dark places that we find ourselves in and the summit, is a map that we can use to navigate our lives. It’s a far messier, grittier map than we’re led to believe, with more flailing and bleeding along the way, but there is a way forward. That map is what we call «No Barriers».

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