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Build your own skills to break through adversity. We help people embark on a quest to contribute their absolute best to the world. In the process, we foster a community of curious, brave and collaborative explorers who are determined to live the No Barriers Life.  Learn more about our mission, vision and philosophy here.

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If the phrase “online learning” makes you cringe, we’re here to change your mind. Unlike other online learning courses, our interactive, inspirational, and gamified solutions take place both online and offline. They include individual and team activities. Programs focus on our proven curriculum for teaching people to believe what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

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You can also learn how to apply the No Barriers principles to your own life by purchasing our bestselling book, What’s Within You: Your Roadmap to Living a Life with No Barriers and by subscribing to our weekly No Barriers Podcast.


Combining our best work in the field with our most comprehensive experience yet! The No Barriers Membership Community is the answer to embarking on a life-changing journey at your own pace and with a community that gets it, right by your side. Break down your barriers with a supportive community right by your side!

The No Barriers Community Membership is not just a hub of information, we’re like a family. Get IMMEDIATE access to our library of courses and a front-row seat to life-changing virtual events led by some of the world’s most extraordinary people, designed especially to help you break down your barriers and live with confidence, passion and authenticity.

We also offer specialized membership communities just for EDUCATORS and for CAREGIVERS.


What’s Your Everest and No Barriers Outdoor Classic

No Barriers Outdoor Classic is our annual golf tournament to raise money to support our veterans programs and What’s Your Everest is our amazing community fundraising event to celebrate what is possible in the world.  Dates for these 2021 events to be released soon!

THE SUMMITno barriers summit

“I break barriers. They don’t break me.” The No Barriers Summit is a one-day event that challenges you to find your invincible self. Whether you have a disability, face discrimination lost a loved one, or struggle with illness, the No Barriers Summit helps you redefine what is possible. Attendees love our fully accessible activities, world-famous speakers, and renowned performers. Join the No Barriers community — people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, who believe that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

No Barriers is heading to Colorado in 2021! Keep checking back for details coming later this year.

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The No Barriers experience has the capacity to change your life. For me, it confirmed that I was not alone in seeing that adversity is often the catalyst for our growth.

2019 No Barriers participant


Individuals or teams join our domestic expeditions for a combination of courageous inspiration, outdoor adventure, creative visioning, problem solving, and guided exploration of self and work. Experience a new peace of mind as you embrace barriers with the support of experienced facilitators. Return to your “real life” with the energy and mindset to create meaning and purpose as you lead beyond barriers and discover that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way.

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No Barriers partners with passionate educators across the world who want their students to reach their potential, not only for the benefit of the individual students, but also for the greater good. These educators know that if students can connect to a meaningful purpose and develop a mindset and skill set for working through challenges, they will make a difference in their communities and the world.

To get there, we support educators to implement inspirational and transformational learning experiences designed through the unique No Barriers Life framework. Grounded in social and emotional learning, the No Barriers Life’s seven elements provide a framework to develop a sense of purpose and confidence, grow through challenges, make meaningful connections, and give back as leaders who serve.

Our curricula take students on a journey to strengthen their social and emotional knowledge, attitudes and skills. Through inspirational stories, dynamic mixed media content, and experiential activities, students develop the mindset and skill set to navigate the world and live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

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The No Barriers Mountain Campus in Red Feather Lakes is one step from wilderness and that’s how we like it! Our overnight experiences in Colorado, including summer camps for youth and trips for people of all ages, are located in an intentionally rustic playground that provides participants with a great balance of structured outdoor activity with enough space to connect and socialize with peers in our beautiful mountain setting. Participants can engage in rock climbing, a high ropes course, a zip line, team building games and activities, and much, much more.

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