5-Day Backcountry

May 15 - May 19, 2019

Expedition Snapshot

This program is sponsored by our generous community members in the Asheville, NC area

Expedition Description

Our backcountry expeditions occur in some of the country’s most beautiful wilderness settings. These are some of our more challenging expeditions due to the variation in mileage and length of days in the backcountry. Participants need to be physically fit and put in training time prior to arrival. Once on the expedition, teams will travel through pristine wilderness areas, bonding as a group and overcoming physical and personal barriers.

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“This program has been like no other program. It gets your mind, body, and spirit into the suck and uses that time to self reflect for improvement. I have discovered in myself what I want to change and how I want to improve myself and live a better life. I have discovered my strengths and my weaknesses. It has shown where I need to prioritize my life.”

— 2016 No Barriers Warriors Participant

Ruby Jewel 5-Days

PHOTO GALLERY: No Barriers 5-Day Backcountry expedition sponsored by CoBank. Note: Photos do not reflect 2019 destination or itinerary. Photography by Micah D Baird. See full Flickr album »


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