Rocky Mountain Expeditions

2020 Warriors Expeditions in the Rocky Mountains

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5-Day Basecamp Expeditions – Snapshot

6-Day Backcountry Expeditions – Snapshot

Get to Know the No Barriers Warriors Experience

Each No Barriers Veterans Experience begins with the same crucial step — introducing the team to each other and the No Barriers Life through our innovative online learning platform. This ensures participants are fully engaged and ready to make the most out of their expedition while allowing them to learn about and connect with their teammates.

Teams then meet in person and depart on their individual (descriptions below) expedition experience. While the activities and physical challenges differ, they provide the same in-depth connection and curriculum that will encourage veterans to reflect on their past, recognize where they are in the present and look to the future with positivity, all while pushing their physical limits in a stunning outdoor environment.

After the team finishes their experience and returns home, they will be asked to fulfill a pledge that they developed on the trail, as well as complete the final stages of the No Barriers online platform. Once these tasks are completed, the veteran enters the ranks of the No Barriers Alumni, joining a community of people with a shared experience and mindset.

BASECAMP (moderate)

Basecamp expeditions are based out of the No Barriers Mountain Campus, in the northern Colorado Rocky Mountains.  The team will be immersed in the No Barriers Life while white-water rafting on the scenic Poudre River, climbing the Eagle’s Nest Crag at the No Barriers Mountain Campus, and hiking through the stunning backcountry of the Colorado Rockies.  During the stay at our one-step-from-wilderness camp, teams will tackle adventurous challenges side by side, enjoy camaraderie around the campfire, and cook delicious meals together. Basecamp expeditions are challenging but can be adapted for different physical abilities and needs.

BACKCOUNTRY (moderate to difficult)

Backcountry expeditions take place in the remote wilderness of Colorado’s State Forest State Park.  The team will gear up and hike a self-supported backpacking trip through the high country, with opportunities to summit peaks, jump into frigid alpine lakes, see flora and fauna, spend the nights in surreal campsites, and take in unbelievable scenery.  Backcountry expeditions are very challenging, committing, and require a certain level of physical ability to endure.  

SUMMIT (moderate)

“I break barriers. They don’t break me.” The No Barriers Summit is a one-day event on September 18, 2020, in San Francisco, CA, that challenges you to find your invincible self. Whether you have a disability, face discrimination, lost a loved one, or struggle with illness, the No Barriers Summit helps you redefine what is possible. Attendees love our fully-accessible activities, world-famous speakers, and renowned performers. Join the No Barriers community — people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, who believe that what’s within you is stronger than what’s in your way. This opportunity is suitable for veterans of all ability levels. Summit experiences allow veterans to connect, team build, and plan for the future. 

6/28/20 Basecamp Expedition Itinerary
  • June 28: Arrive at the No Barriers Campus
  • June 29-30: Hiking and Climbing
  • July 1: Whitewater Rafting
  • July 2: Depart Denver

7/10/20 Basecamp Expedition Itinerary
  • July 10: Arrive in Denver
  • July 11-12: Hiking and Climbing
  • July 13: Whitewater Rafting
  • July 14: Depart Denver

7/17/20 Backcountry Expedition Itinerary
  • July 17: Arrive in Denver
  • July 18-21: Backpacking in State Forest State Park
  • July 22: Depart Denver

7/24/20 Backcountry Expedition Itinerary
  • July 24: Arrive in Denver
  • July 25-28: Backpacking in State Forest State Park
  • July 29: Depart Denver

9/18 No Barriers Summit San Francisco Itinerary
  • 9/18 No Barriers Summit San Francisco Itinerary

“I am going home with a foundation that is bold and buildable. I now see a way forward and I will work hard to achieve goals and plan a future I didn’t think I had.”

— 5-Day Basecamp No Barriers Warriors Participant

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