2019 Warrior Strong: The Journey Continues Expedition

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Expedition Snapshot


  • Alumni — only available for previous No Barriers Warriors participants who completed their expedition
  • Veterans with verified service and a VA disability rating.
  • Review 2019 Essential Eligibility Criteria
  • Need to be able to commit to fully participating in ALL THREE EVENTS listed below

Event 1: June 13-16 — Training & Experience at the 2019 No Barriers Summit

  • Location: North Lake Tahoe, CA
  • Duration: 4 days total
  • Focus area(s): No Barriers Life
  • Cost: Entirely free
  • FAQs: View other Frequently Asked Questions here.

Event 2: September 5 – 14 — Backcountry Expedition

  • Location: Mount Baker, Washington
  • Duration: 10 days total
  • Focus area(s): Mountaineering
  • Cost: Entirely free

Event 3: November 7 – 10 — Post-Expedition Developmental Session

  • Location: San Diego, California
  • Duration: 4 days total
  • Focus area(s): Pledge Accomplishments
  • Cost: Entirely free

Expedition Description

This expedition is open only to participants who are No Barriers Warriors Alumni and have completed their expedition. Attending the No Barriers Summit is not a qualifying expedition for applying to this expedition.

Applications will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Progress toward completing your No Barriers Pledge
  • Involvement in the No Barriers community
  • Demonstrating how you are living a No Barriers Life
  • Physical ability to complete the expedition
  • Demonstrated ability to interact and work well with other

This is a three event series for Warriors alumni. During the on-boarding portion of the experience, the team will re-engage with the No Barriers Life through our innovative online curriculum.

The team will come together in person for the first time in June, for training at the 2019 No Barriers Summit at North Lake Tahoe, California. There they will develop a strong team dynamic and prepare physically for the expedition to come.

Following the Summit, the team will remain connected online and focused as they dive into the No Barriers Life, through a series of interactive, reflective activities designed to explore the No Barriers Life.

In September, the team will journey to Mt. Baker in the Northwest, with an attempt to summit on 9/11.

During the meaningful engagement portion of the opportunity post-expedition, the team will gather in San Diego, California for a developmental session, where they will work on the goals they set during the expedition. Alumni will be selected based on several criteria including but not limited to: work towards their previous pledge, how they have elevated post expedition, and their efforts to contribute to their communities.

Due to the high number of interested alumni, please understand that we are not able to accommodate all who apply. Continue to check the No Barriers Warriors website and follow us social media to learn other opportunities to participate in the Warriors Community.


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“I knew I wanted to make a difference, but had recently lost my footing. I felt alone and forgot about my Rope Team. I learned that I have everything I need to complete my mission here. More clarity, more drive, more me. I have added to my Rope Team.”

— 2016 No Barriers Warriors Participant

Mt. Whitney 2018

PHOTO GALLERY: In 2018, No Barriers brought together a group of 12 veterans to climb Mt. Whitney from the backside (aka: the long way). The expedition was sponsored by Wells Fargo. Note: Photos do not reflect 2019 destination or itinerary. Photography by Matty Neikrug. See full Flickr album »

In 2018, No Barriers Warriors and Wells Fargo partnered to bring a group of veterans on a transformative experience, climbing the highest mountain in the contiguous U.S.; Mt. Whitney.


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