Faces of Caregivers: Sheri Piper

Like so many, caregiver life dropped onto my lap in a brief moment.

Eight years ago, my husband was injured in a parachute accident breaking bones, suffering a TBI and injuring multiple different body parts. As a stay at home mother of four boys at the time, I took on the role easily. It wasn’t until months later I realized life changed not for a short period of time, but for our extended future.

My days are filled with multiple doctor appointments, recovering from the many surgeries he’s endured, physical therapy and preparing for the surgeries we know are still in the near future.

As part of my caregiver journey, I work to help others like myself navigate resources, bring awareness and advocate for military caregivers by being part of The Elizabeth Dole Foundation Fellows, representing the state of Mississippi. I also work as a caregiver liaison for TBI Warrior Foundation in assisting both civilian and military caregivers. Not only does it help others in their journey but helps my journey as well knowing we don’t have to be alone on this path.

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