6 Free Tools to Elevate the Social Emotional Learning in Your Classroom

Incorporating social emotional learning curriculum in the classroom is oftentimes easier said than done. Teachers have taken on the large task of educating the next generation, but creating a positive classroom environment on a budget can be difficult, especially when you are striving to create a classroom that promotes social emotional learning. 

Despite that, there are great resources to elevate your classroom so that you can provide a positive learning environment for your students. Here, you will find six ideas of how to improve the social emotional learning climate of your classroom for free!

Free social emotional learning resources

1. No Barriers Ignite Curriculum

No Barriers ignite is a free social emotional learning curriculum for middle schoolers and high schoolers that uses No Barriers Life framework to help students break through their barriers and succeed. It includes six 30 min sessions, not to mention social emotional learning worksheets, that help students understand their identity and create a vision to succeed.

SEL classroom resources

This free social emotional learning curriculum challenges students to overcome obstacles by creating a joint vision and collaborating with their peers to make a positive impact in their community. No Barriers Ignite helps students dive deeper into their identity and potential to have positive impacts on the world.

  • Highlights: Group work, discussion, videos from Erik Weihenmayer
  • Download now: No Barriers Ignite

No Barriers knows the hard work that educators are putting in to serve their students during this time. That’s why we’re releasing free, family-friendly social-emotional learning activities weekly. Get access to the activities on our Facebook page.

We also built a brand new Social Emotional Curriculum for 11-14 year olds that includes 15, 30 minute lessons released every other day over a month. Enroll today » Bounce

We appreciate any donations to No Barriers to support our work!

2. The Power of Yet Posters

Adopting a growth mindset outlook on education and life can be life changing. Adding the word “yet” onto statements reminds us that we can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. This mindset teaches us to use positive thinking skills by re-training our brains.

Teaching growth mindsets gives students the ability to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and how to better themselves through that understanding. These social emotional learning activities are especially helpful for students who struggle academically, socially, or personally. 

3. Coping Strategies

Positive coping mechanisms can have a huge impact on the development of youth. This Teacher Vision tool gives students the opportunity to learn about different coping strategies and to find the ones that best fit them.

The printout includes a checklist that students can use during difficult situations, and encourages students to create their own unique coping strategies. This tool is great to have on hand for when strong emotions come on.

SEL classroom curriculum

4. Perspective Taking Social Skills

Social skills are necessary to have positive social interactions throughout our lives, teaching us  appropriate behavior in social situations. Honing these skills heightens the quality of our lives when and can help us have positive social interactions and relationships. This tool teaches youth how to understand their own perspectives and acknowledges that people can have different viewpoints and that is OK! 

5. SMART Goal Setting

Goal setting is a very beneficial skill for youth so they can look ahead and plan positively for their futures. Setting SMART goals takes it a step further, challenging students to be responsible for their actions and learning. SMART goals narrow down goals by making them specific, realistic and measurable with action plans that can be achieved within a time limit. This tool includes multiple social emotional learning worksheets for students, as well as reflection pages to track progress along the way.

6. Social Emotional Learning Journal

Social emotional skills are essential for regulating our emotions, building relationships, and having empathy for others and ourselves. Teaching these skills to students at a young age can be very impactful on their emotional regulation and self-awareness. This tool provides teachers with 5 journal prompts to assign students that get them to critically think about their self-awareness and their strengths and weaknesses. This journals are designed to be  simple to weave into everyday class time. They also can invoke great small group or class discussions.

Elevate your classroom with these social emotional learning resources

SEL classroom curriculum

Elevating your classroom can be made easy with free social emotional learning resources. From the No Barriers Ignite curriculum to SMART goal setting, these tools will create a classroom that inspires positive social emotional development. With the limited time teachers have to implement new curriculum, these easily accessible social emotional learning curricula can help create positive learning environments, even with little time or money.

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November 7, 2019
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