More Free Stuff for Disabled Veterans You Didn’t Know About

After putting their lives on the line for their country and its people, veterans deserve the biggest reward. With the battlefield medical treatment getting better, we have more soldiers returning home alive, but not necessarily whole. From physical disabilities to mental disabilities, veterans are faced with many new challenges as they transition back into their lives in the US. 

These experiences, both during service and post service, often leave veterans searching for not only purpose and connection but also physical resources like homes and money. After all veterans do for others, the least we can do is serve them! Check out the awesome free resources below that support veterans in many different areas of life. 

Cool Free Stuff for Disabled Veterans

1. No Barriers Warriors Programs hiking with an American flag hung on backpack

No Barriers offers free vacations for disabled veterans. They believe that with connection and a support system they can depend on, veterans can work through the obstacles they face and live life to the fullest. 

These programs take veterans to breathtaking sites all over the world. Although it is a vacation, these trips come with work. Participants will have the physical work of climbing mountains and the emotional work of digging deep within themselves. They will get to connect with others on the trip and set goals for themselves. Every participant will come out of these trips stronger than they were before.

You can submit your application for these life changing programs or nominate a veteran you love! Each trip will consist of preparation, a transformative experience and a continuation of meaningful engagement with the No Barriers community. 

2. Free Beds & Furniture- Heroes Warehouse

Heroes Warehouse works to provide veterans and their families with free furniture for their houses. Through collaboration with organizations and generous donations from the community, they are able to fulfill their mission and support veterans. 

Run by a group of volunteers, this non-profit is passionate about serving veterans and helping them make their home a place they are comfortable in. Contact Heroes Warehouse to find out more and how you can get yourself some free furniture!

3. Free Computers- Computer Banc 

hands typing on a computerComputer Banc offers free computers to disabled veterans. Computer Banc’s mission is to serve many different populations through computer access at home. By giving individuals access to computers at home, they are opening new doors in each individual’s life. Through engagement with businesses and donors, this nonprofit is able to supply nonprofits, families, schools, veterans and more with computer access.

When Computer Banc receives refurbished computers they give them out to veterans in all state and US Territories. With access to computers, veterans are given a greater opportunity to dive into the workforce and create a better future for yourself. 

4. Free Land – Veterans Land Board

The Veterans Land Board was created to give land to veterans for their military service. Since the beginning, VLB has expanded their reach to home improvements, cemeteries and much more. The mission of the VLB is to support veterans and provide them with the most benefits possible.

Quarterly, the Texas Veterans Land Board offers land sales that veterans can bid on. In order to bid on these pieces of land, you must be a member of the military or a veteran. Veterans can use the VLB Land Loan which helps veterans to purchase land.

5. Free tools – VA automobile allowance and adaptive equipment

The VA offers many different resources to veterans that can be applied across all areas of life. From health care assistance to medical centers to therapy, the VA has many branches. This is a great resource for veterans when they are searching for benefits whether big or small.

An awesome free tool for disabled veterans is through the Department of Veteran Affairs. Veterans are eligible to receive up to $20,000. This can be put towards an automobile and the adaptive equipment you may need. There are some restrictions on what disabilities qualify for this program, but if you qualify, this could be a life changing tool for your life. 

6. Free Money – Veterans of Foreign Affairs

Veterans of Foreign Affairs aims to support and connect United States veterans of overseas conflict. They have many services that help support veterans as they honor the fallen, provide grants, get justice for veterans and much more. The VFA has a long standing reputation of being there for veterans in times of trouble.

One of the big resources the VFA offers is their financial grants. Through their unmet needs program, veterans can apply for grants to help them and their families meet their needs as a result of their deployment or other military related challenges. This free money for disabled veterans can be a life changer as it will help ease the burden that you may feel.

With all these awesome resources, veterans can find the support they need, but there is so much more out there! Look into these resources and be sure to do your research because veterans deserve incomprehensible gratitude and respect for all they have done for our country. 

With all the resources available, you can still live your life to the fullest after coming back from serving in the military. No matter the struggles and disability that you may face, there is an organization out there that wants to come alongside you and support you.

September 24, 2020
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