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When you give to No Barriers you are empowering people with significant and persistent challenges to believe that they are not defined by their visible or invisible disabilities, but rather by how they choose to respond to them. No Barriers has proven results. In fact, 95% of our participants say their lives are forever changed. Whether you have a disability or struggle with a chronic illnes, you face discrimination, or you have lost a loved one, No Barriers helps you redefine what’s possible.
Each year, No Barriers guides tens of thousands of people through our proven principles, the No Barriers Life. Through it, people rediscover the connection between living a purpose-driven life and the ability to break through their barriers or perceived limitations.
Through our Life Elements, participants will learn how to approach challenges with hope and optimism; build strong teams to support them; reach for their goals.
These are all learned skills, a mindset. For many, when thrown into the dark moments of life, these tools and skills do not come naturally. No Barriers shines a light on the path forward – giving everyone the opportunity to live their best life and make a difference in the world around them. Your gift can help someone celebrate life again! Give today!

“Don’t let Everest be the greatest thing you ever do.”

What Erik’s guide, PV, meant was “make it matter.”  Summits are like trophies.  What matters most is not that you collect them to simply gather dust but that you take that experience and elevate the world.  Erik has since dedicated his life to building No Barriers, dedicated to helping people see and navigate the world despite the challenges they face.  After years of learning from people on the front lines of shattering barriers, the No Barriers Life emerged – the formula for helping people harness adversity to live their best life.  If you know Erik you know that his passion and purpose is helping others find their light.  Call it strength, determination or even hope, No Barriers will continue to help shift the lens through which they navigate the challenges in their lives.  With your help No Barriers will continue to impact tens of thousands of lives every year.  Make your gift today!

Erik Weihenmayer on the summit of Mount Everest.  Photo credit:  Michael Brown)




Micahel Brown

Well used No Barriers Flag


This is NOT a fragile item.  It is as strong as your will and determination.  For anyone seeking to accomplish goals that others may have thought impossible, outrageous, audacious or ridiculous, bring your No Barriers Flag along for your journey.

Well used No Barriers Flag

family caregivers at No Barriers Caregiver’s Retreat


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The work of family caregivers is often invisible or hidden.  We see you!  Navigating caregiving responsibilities is daunting and isolating.  The No Barriers Caregiver Program recognizes the gap that exists for caregivers.  We know that caregivers can experience extreme mental and physical exhaustion and loss of self.  No Barriers helps caregivers address trauma and grief, find forgiveness, rediscover self, build community, and heal.

Family Caregivers are an often forgotten part of the process when any family experiences a drastic change.  More than ever, there’s a need to provide opportunities for caregivers to practice self-care, build community and find their own dreams and goals outside the caregiver role.  No Barriers’ Caregiver Program offers caregivers the opportunity to step out of their caregiver role and engage in conversation, activities, and building meaningful community.   There are 53 million adult and youth caregivers in the U.S.  It’s likely that you know someone who is a caregiver.  It could be you, a neighbor, a sibling, or co-worker.  Nearly one in five are providing unpaid care to someone with health or functional needs.  In addition to being a parent or spouse, sibling or loved one, they wear other hats – chef, assistant, stylist, chauffeur, advocate and nurse, but mostly they are loving caregivers who selflessly serve with no pay or time off.  No Barriers Caregivers is a safe place for our caregiver community to find their rope team, support each other, and rediscover hope.

“It’s been so hard to find words to describe an experience that has completely left me speechless.  Signing up I had fully prepared myself to represent and dissect the caregiver I’ve become.  What I wasn’t prepared for was the (re)discovery of myself.  I found myself questioning “Am I living – or just alive?” With the help of No Barriers I left our time together with a sense of self and the fuel to add to my fire.  As a veteran spouse caregiver, who also cares for our child with epilepsy, and someone who grew up in a caregiving home with a disabled parent, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and no idea how much my DNA required a reset.  I’ve dedicated every day since my return to reminding myself of my strength and that I’m a “Climber.”  The impact you have had on my life is priceless…irreplaceable…and I’ll be forever grateful.”

Join us and give $53 for the 53 million American family caregivers and join us in honoring their love and dedication.

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Team Unbroken Inspires Millions Worldwide!

Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans (Ret.) and No Barriers Warriors Alumni, formed Team Unbroken to inspire and encourage people with mixed abilities to not let their injuries define them.  An adventure team extraordinaire, Team Unbroken is dedicated to inspiring all to live a No Barriers Life.  When you give to Team Unbroken you are supporting their races and speaking engagements worldwide, as they inspire us all to live our best lives.  Prior to her combat injury and subsequent retirement from the U.S. Army, CSM Evans was responsible for more than 30,000 ground troops in Afghanistan and is one of the most decorated female veterans in U.S. history.  CSM Evans was accepted and participated in her first No Barriers Warriors program in 2017.  “Before, during and after, No Barriers provided me and my group with avenues to replace hopelessness not only with hope but also with a renewed passion for living life to the fullest.”

Gretchen Evans training for an Adventure Race on her kayak




Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans


Rediscover purpose and redefine identity after service to our country.  With an average disability rating of 85%, Our Warriors programs serve as a catalyst for life-long growth, giving hope, redefining purpose and building a community of support.  No Barriers Warriors serves veterans from all eras and branches of services, and now veterans who cannot meet the physical challenges of our traditional in-person programs can join us at our new accessible Mountain Campus in Colorado, or join us at the No Barriers Summit, a life-changing experience for every ability!  All they need is a desire to connect; to learn; and to grow as they reach for purpose again after service to our country.  When you support our Warriors program you are helping veterans connect to each other and to find purpose again!

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