Holiday Travel Tips To Keep You Sane

Most of the educators and many of the students we partner with are seasoned explorers.  However, holiday travel adds additional stress and fatigue to an already laborious process. Here are a few travel tips to help you and your family survive the holiday travel season.

  • Spend $5 – Spend big and invest a few bucks in a bright, sturdy luggage tag so you don’t have to fill one out at the airport. It will also help you spot your generic black suitcase roll off the carousel when you arrive.
  • Waze – Have you used Waze yet?  This popular crowd sourcing navigation app is critical to avoiding traffic accidents and congestion and making it to the airport on time.
  • GateGuru – From locating the correct terminal to finding the best restaurant during your layover, the GateGuru app will make your entire trip that much more enjoyable.
  • Dream Big – We know these people exist but we still haven’t met anybody that sleeps well on an airplane.  One small step toward a little REM sleep is having a comfortable pillow.  Stuff your down vest into this fleece stuff sack and you’ll be snoozing in no time.
  • Kids, Food & Exercise – If you’re traveling with kids we feel your pain and wish you the best of luck!  Some sound advice is to get to the airport early, have one adult check bags while the other adult does laps with the kids up and down concourse c.  Then, once they’re tired and in their seats, start distributing your endless supply of sugar-free snacks.  This along with a few coloring books and your smart phone should get you through most flights.
  • Find Your Happy Place – Patience is a virtue and fostering your inner Zen while you travel is never a bad thing. Read Peace Is Every Step by Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, and you’ll happily help your seatmate get their luggage into the overhead bin.

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October 30, 2017
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