7 Awesome Homeroom Activities For Middle School Students

Searching for middle school activities and homeroom ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

Middle school is a time of immense growth and transition. The school environment has a huge impact on the development of children these ages, making the activities they do at school extremely important. Utilizing activities targeted at these age levels can release students’ excess energy, build their socio-emotional skills, and help them to interact with their peers in more positive ways.

Homeroom, in particular, is a great place to introduce fun activities for middle schoolers. This can be used as a time for the students to get to know their peers and their teachers, as well as a time to debrief from the rest of their day. Homeroom should be a safe place for students to come to and feel comfortable to be themselves. 

Through homeroom activities for middle school students like the ones below, your students will create strategies and habits to better themselves and the community around them. Keep reading!

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7 great middle school activities—especially for homeroom

middle school homeroom ideas

Activities for middle schoolers can range in complexity, depth, and time commitment. Here are some of our favorite ways to connect with teens and bring your homeroom ideas to life!

1. Ignite

No Barriers offers a free six-part curriculum for teachers that follows the No Barriers framework to break barriers and push limits. The curriculum includes six 30-minute sessions that can be done with students throughout the semester. Ignite helps students to create their personal vision for the future, then collaborate with their peers to put those visions into action. It’s one of the best middle school activities as it helps students to develop a positive mindset that sets them up for success. Now, they can break through barriers and go forward to make a positive impact on the world. 

For middle school aged students, this curriculum will help them to think about their future and their impact on the world. Get free access now!

2. Community service 

Community service is a great way to get students to collaborate together for the better of the community. This helps the students think about others outside of themselves and their peers. These tasks can range from writing letters to veterans to clothing drives. Teachers can let their students decide what project they want to do most and let the students take control of the creativity of the project. 

Community service projects are activities for middle schoolers that can teach them to work together to achieve a common goal and to have compassion for the people in their community.

middle school homeroom ideas

3. Get to know you games, like 2 Truths and a Lie

Ice breaker games are a great way for students and teachers to get to know each other and become more comfortable together. Two lies and a truth is a classic, where each individual comes up with two truths and one lie about themselves; when it is their turn, they must share their statements and ask their classmates to guess which statement is the lie. Homeroom activities for middle school students like this help students to use their imagination and make the classroom feel more like friends as they get to know one another.

 4. Write “I am” poems & build self esteem 

Homeroom activities for middle school students should include positive self-talk and quashing temptations to compare oneself to others. To facilitate self-esteem building and personal reflection, you can have your students write ‘I am’ poems. I am poems are where students write down positive affirmations about themselves after the words “I am…” 

Students can write as many affirmations about themselves as the can think of and once they finish that, students can decorate their poems with drawings or magazine cut outs. This activity for middle schoolers helps them to use their creativity while writing positive affirmations over themselves. Some teachers hang these poems around the classroom for the students to remember these facts about themselves and their classmates throughout the semester.

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5. Timed drawings

Whether you are artistic or not, timed drawings are a fun way to practice your art skills and interact with your partner. For this activity, all you need is a timer, paper and pencils. The paper should be folded into quarters and each student will have a partner that they will draw a portrait of 4 separate times. The first time, they will have two minutes, then a minute and a half, then one minute and, finally, thirty seconds for the last drawing. This activity for middle schoolers helps them to work at a faster pace and get past second guessing themselves to get the drawing done on time. 

middle school homeroom ideas

6. Mad Libs 

Who doesn’t love Mad Libs?! It was a no brainer to add to our list of middle school homeroom ideas. Help your students use their imagination in a fun and ridiculous way! Mad Libs are also helpful for practicing different grammar categories such as verbs and nouns. They can be used as full class activities led by the teacher or in small groups led by students. Create photocopies of specific Mad Libs to pass out easily to your students. Once the groups are done, they can read them aloud to the class and vote on which one was the goofiest. 

7. Gratitude journaling

Gratitude journals are a great activity for your students to reflect on their lives and what is important to them. This journal gives you space to list items, people and things that you are thankful for. Acknowledging your gratitude and putting it into words helps to boost positive emotions. Whether these journals are posted around the classroom or kept personal, they are a great way to have some quiet reflection time during homeroom. 

Take these homeroom activities for middle school students & run with ‘em! 

middle school homeroom ideas

Creating a supportive environment for your students is a key element of homeroom. From activities to get to know their peers to working on their self-esteem, middle school homeroom activities are vital to their growth and development. Having homeroom be a safe place for students to come to can positively impact their school experience as a whole; and through these middle school homeroom ideas, this type of homeroom environment can be achieved.  

Middle school is an essential development period to help students grow in their self esteem, self-reflection and worldly thinking. It is important to get them thinking about these topics and using the activities above, you can make it fun! Create positive habits in your students when you do middle school activities like these.

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January 23, 2020
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