4 Steps to Find Gifts from the Struggle & Celebrate Your Summits

Coming out on the other side of a big obstacle is arguably one of the best feelings on earth; the feeling of being strong, accomplishing something, and becoming better are just some of the positives of pushing through hard times. Whether that obstacle looks like kicking cancer’s butt after months of chemotherapy or climbing one of Colorado’s infamous 14ers after losing a leg, there can always be beauty found in the fight.

No matter how hard the task, something positive is always gained through the struggle.

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What is the No Barriers Life Element, Summit?

No Barriers Life Element Summit is just that. It is about finding the gifts earned through the struggle. It is to reflect throughout experiences, analyze interconnections and how the parts make up the whole and consider the positive effects of challenges. In order to make the most out of life, summit is an essential element. To be able to find the positives that come out of struggles is a skill that can change the trajectory of your life.

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Oftentimes, we cannot see the gifts earned until we are looking back and reflecting on that season of life. Beginning to see those gifts isn’t always easy either, it requires time and self-reflection which doesn’t always feel natural. Although understanding the positives that come out of struggles equips us to get stronger and prepares us for future challenges we may face.

How to find gifts from the struggle

Here are four steps to help you learn how to find gifts from the struggle. Celebrate your Summits by recognizing the challenges you’ve overcome!

1. Reflect

How will you understand what you’ve learned and experienced without taking a moment to stop and reflect on what you have gone through? Reflecting is a key element of summit. Learning how to reflect can be hard and it doesn’t always come naturally to everyone. It may help to find some questions to guide you through your reflection.

Here are some great questions to think about as you set aside quiet time to reflect on your experience in order to find the lessons born of your hardship.

  • What challenges did you encounter during your journey? Were they expected? How did you deal with these challenges mentally?
  • How did your reaction impact the outcome of the journey?
  • What did you learn from this journey?

2. Share with others

Warriors participant standing in front over mountain overlook

Warriors to Summits Mt Elbert Expedition. Photo by Rob Jackson (www.robertclysejackson.com).

A great way to celebrate your summits is to get together with family and friends and share your summit! Getting to share your successes with people that love you creates a strong community around you to lift you up and support you. Whether this looks like getting coffee with a friend to tell them about your experience or throwing a party, sharing your story with others gives you a platform to grow yourself and others. Sharing your Summit helps you to reflect on the experience by audibly thinking through your journey and putting it into words. 

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You never know who you could be impacting by sharing your story. It will help you to process, recognize and celebrate your summit, but those listening to your story could learn from your experience as well. 

3. Journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings is a proven way to relieve stress, boost your mood and strengthen your emotional functions. To help recognize and process your struggle and to find the gift in it, journalling can be an awesome tool. There are many different ways to go about this as well which is super nice because it can be adapted to fit anyone’s preferences. From free journaling to following prompts to writing poems, there is a method that fits everyone’s needs.

Some great prompts to follow could be very similar to the questions you might ask yourself above while you reflect. Another great thing about journaling is that it can be as public or private as you make it to be, as short or long as you make it to be and as deep as you want it to be. This also offers a great way to remember your story so you can refer back to it when you go through struggles again and find strength in your successes.

4. Thank the people that helped you along the way

Expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to boost your mood, enhance your physical and emotional and build relationships. Going back through the people that supported you and thanking them is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationships with the people in your life. Whether you write thank you notes or reach out and verbally thank people, this also gives you an opportunity to recap your experience and reflect on the success with the people that supported you most. 

Share your Summit with us!

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Summit is an essential element to life. After facing struggles, walking away with something positive and something learned is an awesome feeling. Being able to find the silver linings of the struggle is a characteristic and skill that can be implemented in any aspect of life.

From the workplace to the home to physical struggles, Summit is everywhere.

Reflecting, sharing with others, journaling and sharing gratitude are great first steps to grow your summit ability. Share your Summit with us!

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April 23, 2020
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