5 Tips for When You Think: “I Can’t Be a Caregiver Anymore”

Feeling tired of being a caregiver? We get it. Caregiving is arguably one of the most challenging jobs. It requires you to be selfless, patient, kind, and so much more, relentlessly; after a while, it can really take a toll on you. 

A phrase we hear every now and then is ‘I am so tired of being a caregiver.’ Oftentimes, when caregivers are at their breaking point, they are experiencing fear, guilt, and even physical exhaustion; caregiver anger and resentment may even rise up within you. Although we understand and empathize completely with this statement and the feelings of those emotions, we are here to come around you and rally behind you because you can do it. You are changing the world.

When thoughts like “I can’t be a caregiver anymore” start creeping in, here is our best advice to push through.

Hang in there

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Caregivers directly impact an extraordinary amount of lives. From caring for the eldery to young children to people with disabilities, caregivers help these individuals push past their barriers to live life and achieve their dreams. 

It’s okay to ask for help. You’re not on this journey alone, and your loved ones are there to lift you up when caregiving leaves you exhausted, overwhelmed, and afraid. 

Without caregivers, there would be many more people in need and the world would definitely not be as bright! That’s why we wanted to share a few of our go-to tips for when you’re tempted to believe that caregiving is not rewarding.

Thinking “I can’t be a caregiver anymore”? 5 Resources for YOU

1. No Barriers Caregiver Community

The No Barriers caregiver community is unlike any other. From the wide variety of resources they offer to the number of caregivers they support, No Barriers has an awesome caregiver community. No Barriers aims to provide caregivers with the empowerment they need to care for others and change lives.  When being a caregiver feels like a heavy weight, the No Barriers community will come alongside you, give you strength and remind you how much you mean to the world.  

No Barriers has an interactive online community where you can share stories, empathize with others and get your questions answered by fellow caregivers. 

Free monthly workshops are offered in Colorado where caregivers can connect with others, share stories and build each other up. They also have a caregiver Facebook group that offers caregivers the chance to get to know one another and lift each other up through their common struggles. 

What do caregivers need most? A break! ???? No Barriers gives caregivers the chance to take part in their retreats and expeditions. These trips are geared towards caregivers and the experiences they endure. Through connecting and recharging, caregivers are bound to come out of these trips stronger than they were before. 

2. Make Your Own ECare Diary

When you feel like caregiving is getting to be too much, is too overwhelming and hectic, it may be helpful to take a step back and get yourself organized. ECare Diary is an online platform that gives caregivers the ability to schedule appointments, keep a health journal, create a care circle and much more. 

This centralized online tool is a great option for caregivers to help organize and coordinate care. With the option to create a care circle, caregivers can share the care with other family members and keep everyone in the care circle up to date. With different levels of memberships from $0-$20 a month, you can tailor the experience and tools to match what you need. With a central place to organize the care you give, ECare Diary is a great resource for any caregiver who feels like they can’t do it anymore because you will be able to get support and stay organized.

3. Go On a Nancy’s House Retreat

Nancy’s House knows how hard it can be to be a caregiver and that you may not even know how tired you are because, well, that just how tired you are! Nancy’s House offers two different length retreats where caregivers get the chance to take a break and take care of themselves.

With 1-3 day retreats, Nancy’s House breaks down the isolation and exhaustion that many caregivers feel through community building and skill learning. Nancy’s House believes that by getting caregivers out of their comfort zones, they will have the chance to connect with others similar to them and understand what it feels like to let go and take care of themselves.

4. Sign Up for Online Classes with the CareAcademy

If you feel like you are tired of being a caregiver because you feel overwhelmed, invest in the knowledge you need. CareAcademy is the place for you! Through their online classes, you will have the chance to learn more about what caregiving entails. CareAcademy will show you which courses are needed in each state to become a certified caregiver. Online classes give you the chance to tailor your training to your schedule and time frame. These classes are a great way to amp up your knowledge and feel even more prepared for anything that is thrown your way!

5. Join the Caregiver Action Network

Caregiver Action Network (CAN) is a nationwide platform that supports caregivers through all parts of their journey. With resources for caregivers caring for others with a variety of disabilities, you are bound to find useful resources. By providing education, tools, and support to caregivers, CAN knows that caregivers can push through any obstacle. From online classes to checklists and medication lists, CAN will help you take control of your life. Restore your capacity to care for others while still caring for yourself!

What do caregivers need most? Self-love & immense patience

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Caregiving is not an easy profession; with a high burnout rate and long, taxing days, caregivers need support. And it is ok for a caregiver to ask for help! There are some awesome communities and resources ready to come alongside you and walk through this season with you! 

Although it may not seem like it, asking for help is a great way to show self-love. It may feel vulnerable and weak, but you will gain support and grow stronger so that you are able to care for others well. Practicing self care is essential as a caregiver. So next time you think to yourself “I can’t be a caregiver anymore” or “caregiving is not rewarding” come back to this list, find support and be reminded how much you mean to the people around you!

No Barriers Caregiver Community would love to rally behind you and walk through this season with you! 

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June 4, 2020
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