8 Ways Mandy Harvey Inspires Us Daily

We know you’ve heard of Mandy Harvey, the pop singer and songwriter most famous for blowing Simon Cowell’s (and all of America’s, really) mind with her sweet, soulful sounds—not to mention her incredible story.

Mandy Harvey lost her hearing after an illness at age 18. Her love for music transcended these dark chapters in her life, and she worked tirelessly to regain her musical ambitions after taking a break when she lost her hearing.  

In 2017, Mandy was a contestant on the 12th season of America’s Got Talent, where she performed original songs during the competition. After her performance, Simon Cowell pushed the golden buzzer giving her a straight shot to the next round of the competition.  

mandy harvey no barriers with a group of musicians with disabilities

Since being on America’s Got Talent, her fame has kept growing and she has used it to make a difference in other’s lives. From benefit concerts to technology research, Mandy is paving the way for others like her—here are just eight of the many ways that Mandy Harvey keeps us inspired and hopeful.

Beautiful examples of Mandy’s love for others and talent 

1. Mandy is a kids music day ambassador

Kids Music Day is a day to help encourage kids to use their music creativity and show the importance of music education in children. Because Mandy is an ambassador for #KidsMusicDay, her name helps spread awareness for this great cause. 

2. She made a playdate with a young girl who shares her disorder

When a hopeful little girl, Lily, with the same rare disorder as Mandy posted a video to Facebook asking Mandy Harvey to come visit her, she was shocked when her wish came true. In Lily’s video she said “And since I and you – you and me have Ehlers-Danlos, I think you could teach me to be a little braver and I want a playdate.”

This tugged on Mandy’s heart and many others who heard the story. Mandy spent the day with Lily singing, playing ukulele and bonding over their similar, painful experience and helping Lily become a little bit braver.

3. She put on a benefit concert in Iowa to support No Barriers’ work

After attending a No Barriers Summit event and meeting a new, lifelong friend, Nick, Mandy and Nick teamed up to put on a benefit concert in Iowa where all the proceeds went back to serving others. Through this concert, Nick and Mandy helped give back to others with disabilities like theirs through learning what a life with No Barriers is like. 

It was the largest third-party fundraiser in the history of our organization, bringing in more than $20,000. Incredible! We are so grateful!

mandy harvey no barriers concert

4. She sings with her feet

In an interview with NPR, Stacy Nick said “when you see and hear a performance by Mandy Harvey… the first thing you notice is her voice. Look down at her feet, though, and you might also notice she’s not wearing shoes.” Mandy Harvey states that she does this so that she can feel the vibrations of the music, the drums and the bass.

Hearing the Call puts on benefit concerts that supports people with hearing impairments and helps them regain hope and healing. Mandy has partnered with this organization to put on concerts all over the United States. She has one concert left in Florida in January, get your tickets here! 

5. Her latest music video will give you chills

Mandy’s latest music video for her new song “Release Me” is outstanding. Throughout part of the music video, as she sings, she is signing along with the words, making it accessible to people of all abilities. This song is about feeling boxed in by what the world and the media tells her she can be. She hopes this song will help others to break out of the imaginary box they’ve been put in.

Download her latest album, Nice to Meet You, here! (You won’t be disappointed!).

mandy harvey no barriers talk

6. She teaches school children songs in sign language

Mandy touched many young lives in Leavenworth, WA where she spent a week performing and speaking to students about what her life is like after losing her hearing. She even taught them songs in sign language like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” You can see the impact she had on these kids in this letter one of the students wrote her!

7. She hosted a fundraiser for dogs with diabetes (!)

mandy harvey no barriers dogs with diabetes

Mandy Harvey entertained guests at a dinner fundraiser, D.A.D, (diabetic alert dogs), for the organization Dylan’s Dogs for Diabetes. This organization is run by Dylan Lancaster, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 5. Shortly after his diagnosis, he got a diabetic alert dog and he believed everyone should have access to that as well, no matter their financial standing. Mandy partnered with Dylan and put on a benefit concert for the guests of this fundraiser in Alabama.

8. She is contributing to the future of hearing technology

Mandy has advanced the technology field for people with hearing impairments by working with Not Impossible Lab. This is an organization that aims to break barriers and create a change for humanity through technology. She helped test products they made from an “8×8 matrix of actuators to a baseball vest covered in motors” to help them perfect their creations. 

Mandy, thanks for being an inspiration

mandy harvey no barriers rock climbing

Mandy Harvey has been an inspiration to all of us as she has broken barriers and pushed through obstacles many of us can’t imagine ever facing. Not only has she encouraged many who hear her story, she goes out of her way to give back and serve those around her. Thank you Mandy for inspiring us all with your story of resilience!

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December 5, 2019
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