Student Spotlight – Morocco, Tea, and Arabic

In March of 2017, Jacob B. and his peers at The Lab School got the opportunity to travel to Spain and Morocco on a 9-day arts and culture expedition.  After three days of being immersed in the history and beauty of Spain, the students traveled to Morocco.

Throughout the expedition to Tetouan, Rabat, and Casablanca Jacob toured the Center for Cross-Cultural Learning, spoke with representatives at the National Human Rights Council, learned some Moroccan Arabic, and visited with locals to understand their customs and traditions.  

Jacob immersed himself in the expedition and was profoundly impacted by the people he met and how it changed his view of the world. “It definitely broke some stereotypes for me. I try to keep an open mind to everyone but when movies portray a certain type of people always in the same way it is hard to not think that’s how it is in real life,” reflected Jacob.

The most memorable experience for Jacob was an interaction with two Muslim women. “Our whole group got to have a conversation with them and we ended up making traditional Moroccan tea. But while we were sipping tea and eating the lovely food they made for us, me and my friend started talking to them about religion, politics, and stereotypes. And it was just a really eye-opening experience because I had never had deep conversations with Muslims outside of the US. So hearing their experiences was really just so memorable and made me open up my mind to so many things.”

Jacob’s next journey was to England for the first part of an exciting gap year. He hopes to use his time abroad in a career in politics.

September 28, 2017
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