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We create many incredible No Barriers stories to share our impact. Below, we’ve tried to focus on a set of resources that will quickly orient you to the power of our work.

What’s Your Everest

An annual fundraiser, hosted in Colorado, that brings our community together.

No Barriers: Summit 2021

Our marquee annual event takes place virtually and in-person at the end of the Summer.


No Barriers: Productions

Annually, we produce short form films and features about our work. Here’s a Vimeo pick of the month for example:

From My Window from Futuristic Films on Vimeo.


No Barriers: Warriors Expeditions

Our annual expeditions for veterans with disabilities are hosted May-October.

No Barriers Challenge

an annual competition that challenges student teams to address a critical barrier that matters to them. Using the No Barriers Life framework to guide them on their journey, teams create a project proposal which they believe will have a positive impact on their community. In the process, they develop the mindset and skills needed to tackle the challenges of life, long after the program ends.

No Barriers: Caregivers

No Barriers Caregiver Program is designed to improve the lives of family caregivers by building a caregiving community where individuals are given dedicated time and space to be together with other family caregivers through transformative, curriculum based virtual workshops and community events as well as in-person retreats and expeditions.

No Barriers Warriors At-Home

Our COVID-19 developed at-home warriors program quickly gained popularity and has become a regular annual feature of our work.

No Barriers Campus

Our Colorado-based campus is due to fully reopen in May after a $1 million+ renovation… this video is pre-renovation but gives you a sense of the place!

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