No Barriers Summit NYC Profile — Maria

September 13, 2018

Maria B. | 42
Tenafly, New Jersey

“I have now completed 38 marathons with a goal to get to 58 which is the birthday my mom never got to.”

I experienced the No Barriers Life last year in Lake Tahoe and there is no turning back now! About 8 years ago, I “came out” and accepted my disability. Before that, I overcompensated to be like “everyone else” and hid from things that I didn’t think I was capable of. After getting involved with adapted sports, my life found freedom. — from my health improving to changing my mentality to one of trying to conquer everything. I cried many times at the last Summit, both for me and for others. I left changed and determined to do even more things that scare me because I witnessed resilience!

8 years ago, I barely associated with my disability. I never felt like I was part of a community. Handcycling opened that door for me, to help myself and to help others. And that is why I adore No Barriers so much — It opens your eyes to what you can do. You make the goal and No Barriers helps you find how to get you there.

I truly believe the best way to create a life of purpose is to be the best authentic version of yourself. Empower others by example. No excuses, just pathways to a “you” that you didn’t know existed!

September 13, 2018
No Barriers

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