5-Day Backcountry

Expedition Snapshot

Location: Rocky Mountains, CO (Colorado State Forest State Park)
Eligibility: Veterans with verified service and a VA disability rating, some dates have specific gender requirements, see below.
Essential Eligibility Criteria: Please review criteria 2018 NB Warriors Essential Eligibility Criteria.
Duration: 5 days
Focus area(s): No Barriers Warriors curriculum, Backcountry Trekking
Cost: Entirely free
No Barriers Expedition FAQs: View other Frequently Asked Questions here.

Expedition Description 

The five day backcountry expeditions occur in some of Colorado’s most beautiful wilderness settings in Colorado State Forest State Park. The team will trek to an alpine lake, establish a base camp, and attempt to summit one of the local 12,000 foot peaks. The team will cover 15 miles over three days at elevation, bonding as a team and overcoming physical and personal barriers. Physical fitness is a must so start preparing now for the physical challenges you’ll encounter on this trip.

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