Veterans’ Expedition Application and Selection Process for Warriors 2020*

Our process, from submission of an application to the selection of a participant, can take multiple months to complete. We appreciate your patience and your continued support as we try to improve our process.

If you have any questions concerning an upcoming veterans expedition or the application process, please contact our Warriors Service Coordinator at (970) 484-3633 ext. 321 or email

*Please note that this is a general outline of the process and is subject to change at any point in time.

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Submit Your Own Application

All veterans with disabilities interested in applying for a Warriors program can apply online. To request a hard copy of the application, contact the Warriors Service Coordinator at (970)484-3633 ext. 321 or email

Once an application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an email notification from with a copy of their responses included.

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Nominate a Veteran You Know

Anyone is welcome to nominate a veteran. Once nominated, the veteran will receive an email from our organization prompting them to learn more about our program and apply.

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After Application / Nomination Submission

1. Review

All applications are reviewed and scored based on a rubric that highlights an applicant’s need for the Warriors program, a positive attitude concerning the experience, and a willingness to overcome physical challenges.

Our application process is a multi-month process, beginning ~four to six months prior to the expedition date. Below is a time table showing outlining when applicants can expect to receive communications regarding expeditions. Please note that these are general guidelines that are subject to change at any time.

Expedition Month







Selection and expedition preparation begins







Application review begins







2. Interview

Applicants who meet initial criteria will be contacted** for an interview by the Warriors Service Coordinator. In the interview section, the Warriors staff or intern will ask the applicant a variety of interview questions to determine an applicant’s need for the program, attitude concerning the experience, and willingness to overcome physical challenges.

During the interview, a No Barriers Warriors staff member or intern will share details about the expedition the applicant is being considered for, including trip itineraries, and set expectations for the experience.

For instance, if an applicant is being selected for a 5-Day Backcountry Adventure, Warriors staff will explain that two of the five days are travel while the remaining three are spent in the backcountry, carrying all supplies needed, over challenging terrain.

Based on their fitness level, applicants are encouraged to consider the difficulty of the expedition being described and determine if they are capable of completing the challenge.

** NOTE: All notifications are sent from Please ensure your spam settings are set to receive emails from

3. Selection

Applicants who show a need for the program, a positive attitude concerning the experience, and a willingness to overcome physical challenges will be asked to register with the program. Registration includes a medical screening with the No Barriers Warriors doctor on-call as well as the completion of all legal documents required by No Barriers Warriors.

The medical screening phase can take up to three weeks. Once the medical screening is completed, and the Warriors Service Coordinator has received feedback concerning the health of the applicant from the doctor, a decision will be made on the selection of the applicant.

Applicants can be accepted to an expedition, recommended for an alternative expedition, placed on the Warriors alternates list, or notified of non-selection for any Warriors opportunity.

More on the selection process below.

Selection Process

If You’re Not Selected

Over 500 applicants apply for No Barriers Warriors programs each year. While we try to support more veterans each year, we are only able to support ~200 veterans with disabilities at this time.

We encourage all applicants not selected to continue to update their application any time a new expedition is released. New expeditions will be released from January until June. If an applicant would like to edit their application to express interest in a newly released expedition, they can contact the Warriors Service Coordinator at (970) 484-3633 ext. 321 for assistance. If not, we encourage applicants to apply again the following year.

If You Are Selected

If selected, an applicant becomes a participant on an expedition team. The Warriors Service Coordinator works with all members of the team on a weekly basis through email and phone conversations to ensure team participants are prepared for their expedition. In the weeks leading up to an expedition, the team will have a chance to get to know each other, learn about the No Barriers Life curriculum, talk about gear and packing, and discuss any questions.

Expectations for Participants


Prior to the expedition, we introduce participants to the No Barriers Life through a series of interactions via phone, e-mail, a welcome packet, the No Barriers Online Curriculum, and expedition leader-led conference call. We want to ensure that each participant has a clear, realistic understanding of the experience (itinerary, logistics, leaders, etc.), is familiar with the No Barriers Life, and is prepared for the experience.


Expedition itineraries are dependent upon environmental factors as well as the fitness of the team. If participants are not physically prepared for the expedition, entering the backcountry can present dangers to the entire team. To maintain team safety, No Barriers Warriors Expedition Leaders can change the itinerary at any time.


Once participants complete an expedition, they are asked to complete a survey. Providing feedback to the program helps us make positive changes for future participants.

Participants will also work with their Alumni Coach and the No Barriers Warriors Meaningful Engagement Coordinator to refine their pledge, create and execute a plan of action to ensure completion of their pledge, and ensure they remain an active member of the No Barriers community.

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