Warriors Application Process


Join our At-Home Warrior Program, Elevate Initiative and/or our Backcountry and Basecamp Expeditions now!

The application below applies to the at-home Warriors program, basecamp expeditions, backcountry expeditions and the elevate initiative.

To be considered for a 2022 Warriors program, you must complete this application completely, start to finish, by May 15, 2022. You will receive an email conformation once your completed application is submitted.

Our team will begin reviewing applications on April 1st, and reach out to selected Veterans for an interview.

After your interview, you will either be offered a spot on a team, or asked to apply again next year.

If you are not selected for an interview, or asked to join a team after your interview, you will be notified by June 17th, and asked to apply again next year.

Please keep in mind, Warriors programs are offered to Veterans with a VA disability rating, from any era or branch of service. Filling out a Warriors Application does not guarantee you a spot on a 2022 program. We have the capacity to serve a limited amount of veterans, and do our absolute best to impact those with the most need. We appreciate your understanding if you are not selected, and encourage you to stay connected to No Barriers for future opportunities.

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