What makes our program unique

For veteran participants, the No Barriers experience is unlike any other because we offer the No Barriers Life curriculum and a post-experience meaningful engagement period designed to amplify the impact to each participant. By deliberately focusing on the future and designing specific goals for each veteran to pursue, the experience has the potential to transform their lives.


Program Structure

Each expedition consists of three phases: learning the core concepts of the No Barriers Life, making a meaningful pledge, and reflecting on the past, present, and future.


After they’ve been selected for an expedition, we introduce participants to the No Barriers staff, set expectations for the experience, and establish the foundation of the No Barriers Life curriculum. This introductory phase gives participants a clear, realistic understanding of the experience (itinerary, logistics, leaders, etc.) and sets them on a path for growth.


Once in the field, participants have the opportunity to experience the No Barriers Life in a safe environment and explore their barriers. While in challenging environments, they reflect on their past, recognize their present situation, and explore future possibilities. Among their peers, veterans discuss their experiences and support and learn from each other.

No Barriers Warriors Phase 3 - Meaningful EngagementPHASE III: MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT

After their experience, our staff empower Warriors alumni to continue living a No Barriers Life. We do this by refining the pledge our alumni set during their experience. Together, we create and execute a plan of action, working with the veteran to ensure completion of their pledge and inviting them to remain an active member of the No Barriers community.

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