Craving camaraderie, community, and personal growth?

A Warriors at Home program might be suited for you.

Each year, we strive to impact as many Veterans as possible. The reality is, we only have so much bandwidth to bring people to us.  We also recognized that not every Veteran can, or wants to, leave their homes, jobs, or families for a week or more to lug a backpack around the woods. With our Warriors at Home offerings, we bring No Barriers Warriors to you – wherever you are.

There are a few ways to engage with No Barriers, and fellow Veterans at Home: Warriors Facebook Group, Rope Team Roundtables, and Elevate Initiatives.

Warriors Facebook Group is a great place to keep up to date with No Barriers, check out great content, and chat with fellow Veterans. All are welcome.  Click here to join in on the conversation.

Rope Team Roundtables are virtual community meetings hosted every other week that are centered around connecting Veterans to No Barriers, resources and helpful information, and of course – other Veterans.  These meetings are a mix of facilitated conversation, intriguing guests, and relevant topics.

All Veterans, as well as active duty service members, are welcome to join Rope Team Roundtables.  You can join in and jump into the conversation, or sit back and listen.  If you’d like to receive information about Rope Team Roundtables, subscribe to our veterans email list below.

Elevate Initiatives are a 4 week structured course, that allow Veterans to engage in thoughtful activities, that guide them as a virtual team through the No Barriers Life framework.  This program is a healthy mix of virtual meet-ups, and at home challenges that can be completed solo, or with friends and family.  Each week will have 2 Zoom sessions, each lasting about 1.5 hours.  The first will be a Webinar, featuring a guest speaker, Q&A, and an active group chat discussion.  The second session of the week is a Zoom Meeting, where participants will break out into small groups for facilitated discussion.  In between weeks, engaging activity missions will be given for Veterans to complete solo, or with friends and family.  Before an Elevate Initiative starts, participants will receive a program kit with everything they need to successfully complete the course.

Elevate Initiatives are start to finish programs that require regular attendance and consistent participation.  Each course is open to Veterans, and selection is made through our standard application process.  You can read more about the Warrior program application process here.  Applying or being selected for an Elevate Initiative has no impact on a Veterans ability to attend an Expedition.  

Elevate Initiatives 2022 – Specific Dates TBD


“During the dark days of the pandemic, Warriors At-Home was a bright spot in my week – it connected me to my people, and motivated me to get outside and explore.”

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