2021 Destinations Overview

What happened to all of our destinations?

A Note from our Founder & Executive Director

If you’ve known No Barriers since 2003, then you know that we’ve always hosted expeditions and courses all over the world.  From Peru to Mexico, Tanzania to Fiji and everything in between.  Though we definitely plan to  return to diverse list of domestic and international destinations in the 2022, when our team sat down to assess risk and reward for 2021, we wanted to keep it simple and as safe as possible.  With our relatively small nonprofit team, we decided to focus on a single tried and true destination with a long history of political stability and safety: Costa Rica.   With all the moving parts related to COVID-19, this felt like the wisest decision given everything we know today.

Why Costa Rica? 

It’s relatively close, very stable and has good health care.  In addition, the location that we’re traveling to, the Pacuare Reserve is relatively isolated.  As a result, our partner organization, Ecology Project International (EPI), is able to exercise strong controls to protect both travelings students and local residents.  You can read more about their protocols and why we chose Costa Rica here.  EPI is a trusted partner that we have known since the very early days of No Barriers and that also influenced our decision to focus on this single expedition.  We’ve worked with them to create a No Barriers experience that will live up to what many of our teachers have come to expect from our programs: authentic transformation.

What about your domestic offerings and your camp?

We’re taking this as an opportunity to upgrade our Colorado Rocky Mountain field campus in preparation for a new fully accessible one-step-away-from-wilderness experience ready for the 2022 season.   And though we hope to offer a limited number of domestic programs outside of Colorado for select youth groups, most of our domestic partners are waiting out the storm to see how things unfold with COVID-19.  I suspect we’ll have a strong commitment to domestic travel in 2022 with new offerings across the United States.

What about India, Peru, Tanzania… – will you return to those in 2022?

We will select our 2022 destinations by September/October 2021.  We look forward to announcing those to our ever-growing educator community at that time.

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