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Welcome to the No Barriers Boot Camp! We put together this series of podcasts, videos, and written materials to orient our team members to our organization, our work and the populations that we serve. We wanted every team member no matter their focus area to have a common level of understanding of all that we do. The breadth of our work and our impact can be both exciting and overwhelming. Upon completion of this boot camp, you’ll have a much better understanding of who we are, who we serve and the impact we’re having on the world.

Questions as you go through this? We encourage you to use the #0rg-bootcamp channel on Slack to ask questions as you’re going through your boot camp. There’s always a team member monitoring that channel to respond to your inquiries. And, of course, you can always grab a fellow team member and simply ask them in person too!

Please be sure to track your progress as you go through boot camp using our Boot Camp Tracking Sheet. We hold everyone accountable to completing it so we can be sure all team members have a similar baseline of understanding of our organization. Deadline to complete all sessions is May 20.

Module A: The Organization
Module B: The Populations We Serve
Module C: Technical Skills
Module D: Meet Our Teams


• Session 1: Why Boot Camp? No Barriers overview, history, core values and educational principles.
Estimated time to complete: 1 hour

Podcast (30 minutes): Executive Director Dave Shurna shares the story of No Barriers and an overview of its core values and educational principles.

> Podcast Slide Show [PDF]

Supplemental Materials:
> Organizational Chart [PDF]

> Board of Directors

Videos to Watch:
> No Barriers Lives Changed 2015
> Summit Promo
> Warriors Promo
> Youth Promo

• Session 2: What is a Learning Organization?
Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

We put this session together because we strive to be a continuous learning organization. Boot Camp is a part of that learning but it’s just the beginning.

Opening Video (10 minutes)
Supplemental Material: What is a learning organization? [PDF]

• Session 3: No Barriers Trailmap
Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Podcast (30 minutes): Executive Director Dave Shurna talking about trail map process and this year’s trail map.
> Podcast Slide Show [PDF]

Supplemental Material:
> Organization Trailmap [PDF]

• Session 4: We are all fundraisers – an introduction to Development
Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes

Podcast (20 minutes): How development goes far beyond the money raised.
Participant Video: (Still to come!)

• Session 5: The No Barriers Life
These 7 brief videos will introduce you to the principles of the No Barriers Life. Please do not share links with others outside of No Barriers as we want access to only be through this portal. Thanks!

Introduction to the No Barriers Life (6 minutes)

Vision (2 minutes)

Reach (6 minutes)

Pioneer (9 minutes)

Alchemy (6 minutes)

Rope Team (4 minutes)

Summits (2 minutes)

Elevate (4 minutes)

MODULE B: The Populations We Serve

• Session 6: People with Disabilities
Video Summary

• Session 7: Veterans
Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 15 minutes

Online Course: Online Course: 1-5-15 What Veterans Want you to Know. This course was created to educate anyone who works with, lives with, or cares for veterans. PsychArmor asked hundreds of Veterans what they want civilian employers, health care providers, and therapist to know about them. There were hundreds of comments and patterns. PsychArmor took those comments and broke it down into 15 things Veterans want civilians to know. This course will teach you 5 questions you should always ask veterans, 1 question you should never ask veterans, and 15 facts that will make your more culturally competent.

To access the course, go to:
> Username:
> Password: bootcamp
Then click on the book icon at left that says: Course Library when you hover over it. Choose the 1-5-15 What Veterans Want you to Know and away you go!

Please watch these videos to understand some of the issues faced by our participating veterans:
> Diggs Brown
> Mark Yearsley
> Janet Gonzalez

• Session 8: Diverse Youth
Estimated time to complete: 1 hour 15 minutes

Podcast (30 minutes): What our Youth programs are all about.

Participant Stories:
> In the Amazon, Looking Inward and Serving Outward
> How Deaf Peruvian Students Inspired Me to Give Back
> Learning AFAR: A Journey to Unleash Your Potential

Supplemental Materials:

> Youth Impact Model
> 40 Development Assets for Adolescents
> National Center for Children in Poverty: Adolescent Health and Youth Development
> NPR Story: Military children coping with the loss of a parent
> PBS Story: Former foster youth defies odds, determined to change the system

• Session 9: General Mental Health Overview

Podcast (30 minutes): Demystifying Mental Heath Disorders.

• Session 10: Crisis de-escalation training including positive control systems (Still to come!)

• Session 11: Client centered language and practices (Still to come!)


• Session 12: Salesforce
Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

> How to create a new contact
> How to create a calendar entry
> Supplemental Material:
Still to come!

• Session 13: Slack
Estimated time to complete: 30 minutes

Slack is the tool we use to communicate internally with our fellow team members. It’s very intuitive so within the next 30 minutes, if you go through the following, you’ll have a solid sense of how to start using it immediately.

Getting Started For New Users: Before you do anything read this first!
Now go into Slack, see the #slackhelp channel, and read each of the “Pinned” items by clicking the little notebook icon (to the right of the gear icon).

• Session 14: Finance and accounting practices

Please schedule a one-on-one with our Finance Director, Pat Murphy, to get oriented with our finance and accounting practices. Documents to review:

Finance Department Overview (PDF)

Payment Process Introduction (PDF)

• Session 15: Design Thinking
Estimated time to complete: 20 minutes

We like our team to think of themselves all as designers of experiences. This segment introduces us to the concept of design-thinking and reminds us to get feedback from our customers early and often as we’re developing products and services.

> Video

• Session 16: Google Calendar How To
Estimated time to complete: 10 minutes

Directions for how to set up and use your Google Calendar

Module D: Meet Our Teams

Now that you’re oriented to a common understanding of our work, it’s time to reach out to each department and schedule some one-on-one face time with them. During these departmental sessions, you’ll gain a better understanding of each team members’ roles and responsibilities and be able to ask questions that came up throughout boot camp.

Congrats! You made it through boot camp. Please turn in your Boot Camp Tracking Sheet to your supervisor so we can be sure to honor you and your work at the next staff meeting!

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