Our mission is simple: to equip adolescents with the tools to deal with whatever life throws at them, allowing them to bounce back from every setback with a positive mindset, more confidence and higher self-esteem.  In short, we help them discover that…

What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.

Camps & Expeditions

The No Barriers Mountain Camp is a one step from wilderness overnight summer camp based in Colorado’s spectacular foothills. Students can participate in rock climbing, a high ropes course, a zip line, team building games and activities, and much, much more. Campers also learn to build resilience, hope and optimism as they engage in our growth activities.

Our backcountry and international expeditions go deeper into the field. International offerings are conducted in partnership with a teacher at a student’s school while backpacking and rafting programs are open enrollment.

Virtual Courses

Help your child develop the essential skills and mindset needed to take on life’s challenges with confidence, purpose & resilience!

There’s no denying that being 11 to 14-year old is an intense and unpredictable time in a child’s personal development and growth.  And sometimes, they need a little guidance, support and direction to face their daily fears, challenges and opportunities.  That’s why we created our No Barriers Virtual Bounce course.  Enroll your child now for FREE!


“I got to explore my identity and learn about other people’s struggles similar to and different from my own.”

The Summit

This family experience, with both virtual and in-person opportunities for participation, combines the energy of a concert with extraordinary educational content and activities.  It’s designed to give you the tools to overcome struggles and to reveal your most authentic and tenacious self.

If you’re looking for No Barriers content, empowering activities, inspiring speakers, moving performances and community connections, the No Barriers Summit is the place to be.

Check out our 2020 Virtual Highlights:


Our Educational Content

Our nonprofit mission demands that we create life-changing experiences.  In the virtual space, this includes online programs for students as well as curricula for educators to use with their students.  We also love bringing students together in person to experience our events, camps, retreats and youth expeditions.  We teach a proven philosophy used by tens of thousands of people over the past 20 years, and featured in our bestselling book What’s Within You, to break through adversity:


“It has made a world of difference with my students. It has reaffirmed my students that challenges and barriers are a part of life. There may be times when challenges may seem insatiable… But that’s where the No Barriers framework provides my students with the tools and mindset to overcome them.”
– Jeremy, Educator

We look forward to hearing from you! We can provide more details about our expeditions, retreats, camps, online programs and school-based programs.

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