A Successful Expedition Starts With A Program Information Meeting

The first step to a successful expedition is generating excitement among your students and getting them, and their parents, to say YES!

For first time Group Leaders, the thought of promoting an expedition and inspiring students to attend a Program Information Meeting (PIM) can seem like a daunting task. However, with a little pre-planning you’ll have no problem executing a successful PIM, guiding families through the registration process, and reaching the ideal group size to make your educational expedition a huge success.

Follow these simple guidelines as you design and promote your educational expedition:

  • Start Now – As soon as you get approval from your administration start thinking about how you’ll get the word out about the expedition
  • Promotional Material – Hang posters, hand-out flyers, and post sign-up sheets to spread the word throughout the school
  • Utilize School Resources – From the website, to daily announcements, to the school newsletter, make sure your expedition information gets seen and heard everywhere
  • Student Ambassadors – Consider choosing one or two students to recruit others and help spread the word
  • Host a Program Information Meeting – All of your early promotion will encourage attendance at your PIM. Choose a day/night and time that is convenient and accessible for students and parents
  • Drive Registration – From the night of your PIM, and for the next several weeks, help answer any questions and encourage students to register before the deadline!

You’re probably thinking, “How will I manage all these additional tasks on top of my current class load?” Fortunately, when you partner with No Barriers Youth you are fully supported throughout the entire process.  We provide you with flyers, posters, a PIM meeting outline, and a full PowerPoint presentation.  A No Barriers Youth representative can also be available to join the PIM remotely to help answer questions.

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August 29, 2017
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