Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion

No Barriers specializes in teaching resilience, hope and optimism with one of the most diverse and inclusive instructor teams ever assembled. Our areas of expertise include: harnessing adversity, cultivating resilience, facing fear, diversity and inclusion, innovation, leading with purpose, building strong communities and servant leadership. Through decades of leadership development work with veterans, people with disabilities, families, educators and corporate leaders, we have fine tuned a unique philosophy and approach to personal growth. We call it the No Barriers Life framework and it’s the recipe that gives people the confidence that What’s Within Them Is Stronger Than What’s In Their Way.

Exceptional Authentic Storytelling

Our programs focus on creating life-changing experiences for every single participant. We capture many of those moments and use them to tell powerful stories. We have an array of inspirational and educational storytelling opportunities topically aligned to our core mission and involving any of our target populations (e.g. veterans, youth, educators, caregivers). Our sponsors love the ability to co create compelling stories that meet our mutual objectives.

Engage Your Employees

We can guarantee your employees will fall in love with the No Barriers community because we’ve seen it happen time and time again. Many describe their No Barriers sponsorship experience as the best thing they’ve ever been involved with at their respective companies. Whether you want to share compelling stories with employees, get them involved as volunteers or empower them to co-create and execute on a partnership strategy, we will help you engage authentically and meaningfully with your team.

“It’s a community that pulls you in and ultimately empowers you to change your life for
the better. It opens a window into the experiences, thoughts and souls of people who will
profoundly inspire you. It speaks to your brain and your heart. It is a magical gift of fuel
and direction for life. Join this community at your peril – your life will likely not be same
when you are done.
–George Heinrichs, CEO of Ande, Founder of Intrado, Inc

Building a Custom Partnership to Fit Your Needs

Our corporate partners know that their financial support has a tangible impact on people’s lives. The benefits of a No Barriers partnership extend far beyond customary efforts. We have opportunities starting at $10K and up to $500K, with customized benefits depending on needs. Our goal is to create a unique partnership that reflects your priorities and budget, and we work hard to make sure the benefits provided match your goals and objectives.

Examples Include:

Five Ways to Partner With Us

  1. The Ultimate Diversity and Inclusion Event: Coming late August 2021, our signature global event, the No Barriers Summit, will host thousands onsite and millions virtually. You’ll be a part of the largest global event that teaches people to be resilient, hopeful and optimistic in the face of adversity. If PR is your goal, expect tens of millions of impressions. If you want employee engagement, we need your volunteers! And if you crave authentic stories of transformation about real people, you’ll have them in spades.
  2. Support Our Veterans: Help our veterans discover community, identity and purpose from a program that literally saves lives. Sponsor our epic backcountry expeditions along with our virtual at-home adventures, and you’ll discover why companies such as Wells Fargo, Raytheon and Prudential have loved and supported this program. We can target veterans from communities that matter to you. We can share powerful stories about their journey with your employees and customers. Most importantly, you can be a part of changing the lives of those who have served in the US Armed Forces.
  3. Give Youth Resilience & Hope: Help us bring our transformative in-school and at-home resiliency activities to thousands of teachers and tens of thousands of students. Support some of those students on the adventure of a lifetime at our camp or via domestic and international expeditions. From foster kids to children who have lost a parent in the line of duty, from urban and impoverished youth to kids with and without disabilities, we help you connect your employees and/or customers with programs that unleash the potential of our young future leaders.
  4. Build An Inclusive & Resilient Culture: Use our virtual and in-person learning experiences to grow your team’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our inspirational and authentic courses help your team grow their ability to look at adversity as opportunity and unleash their potential to thrive in an ever-changing environment. Give your employees what many will describe as the best experience of their career!
  5. Share Incredible Stories With Your Audiences: We co-create stories that reach your employees and customers with a heart-centered message about resiliency, hope and optimism through the lens of diversity and inclusion. Whether you want a commercial, a social media campaign, a podcast series or more, we help you reach your audience engagement goals.

“We have been a very proud sponsor of No Barriers since 2014 and we find it is one of the most important things we do every year. We are able to connect with veterans and people with disabilities and learn about how to be a more inclusive culture ourselves. It challenges us to be our very best and ensure we are delivering our best to our team members as well.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo

Download our 2021 Partnership Opportunities to read about all of the opportunities to work with us in 2021!  Now, more than ever, the world needs to believe that What’s Within Us Is Stronger Than What’s In Our Way. And No Barriers has the proven recipe for doing this. Over the past twenty years, we’ve perfected a suite of experiences, courses and tools that help people break through their barriers and unleash their potential.

No Barriers experiences are the catalyst for so many— the energy they need to ignite their inner light, find purpose, and contribute best to the world. It’s a simple belief—What’s Within Us Is Stronger Than What’s In Our Way—that inspired this movement we call No Barriers. Each year, No Barriers reaches hundreds of millions of people and directly impacts the lives of tens of thousands more. We believe that all people – no matter their ability or background, or whether they be a teenager, an injured veteran, or an adult struggling with a physical or invisible barrier – have within them a spark of greatness that deserves to be ignited.  We invite you to join us in this belief and become a part of this movement. Together, we can transform our own lives and elevate the world.

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