Summer Camp Scholarships & Financial Aid: What You Need to Know

Traditional “summer camp” may be canceled for 2020, but it’s never too early to try to find extra help paying for summer camp for future years. Keep in touch to learn about new virtual camp opportunities!

Summer camp is a great opportunity for your kids to grow and adventure this summer, but summer camp often comes with a hefty price tag that can be hard to make fit into the budget. BUT the great news is there are many camps that offer summer camps scholarships to help you cover the costs of sending your kids to camp!

Camp scholarships come in many different forms and are offered based on a bunch of different criteria which can make it tricky to understand what you qualify for and can apply for. To help you weed through the summer camp scholarship application process, we have a few tips of things to look for and things you may miss in the fine print!

The fine print of summer camp scholarships & financial aid

1. Understand application requirements

Each application will have different requirements, from tax forms to prove income amounts to photocopies of IDs. Some applications will be short and some super intensive, so it would be beneficial to set aside a decent amount of time to go through the application.

2. Make sure you have the budget to pay for non-covered costs (like getting there)

Besides the actual cost of camp, there are often expenses that come up before getting there as well such as getting to camp and getting any special clothing or gadgets your kid will need at camp. It is important to consider these costs too when you are creating your budget to decide how much you can spend on camp.

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3. Is it a full or partial summer camp scholarship?

Many camps will offer scholarships at different amounts and they often have limited amounts of scholarships that they give out. Most camp scholarship sites will verify what type of scholarships they offer and some that offer full and partial scholarships will have separate applications so make sure you fill out the correct one!

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4. Is the camp the right fit for you?

Before diving into the summer camp financial aid process, be sure that the camp is the right fit for your kid. From location to activities at camp, it is important to find a good fit for your kid so that they have the best experience possible.

5. Know the type of scholarship—i.e., are they specifically summer camp scholarships for low income families? 

Often, scholarships will apply to certain demographics or groups of people such as low income families or inner city families. It is important to make sure you fit into the correct demographics before starting the application process. Most applications and websites will have specific guidelines outlining who qualifies for their type of scholarship.

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6. Some organizations outside of the exact camp give summer camp scholarship

If you have found the perfect camp for your kid but it is way out of budget and they don’t offer scholarships, don’t give up right there. There are often other organizations such as churches that offer scholarships for summer camps that can be applied to the summer camp of your choice. 

3 summer camps that offer scholarships

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1. No Barriers

All of No Barriers youth camps in northern Colorado offer scholarships! As a 501(c) non-profit, No Barriers is lucky enough to have compassionate individuals and corporate donors who donate money specifically to help kids get to summer camp. No Barriers summer camp scholarship applications are open for all families in need of financial help to send their kids to come to camp.

From rafting trips to backpacking over the Cameron pass to traditional camp at the Red Feathers Lake location, No Barriers has summer camp opportunities for all kids. Apply now for financial aid to send your kids to camp!

2. Pine Cove

Pine Cove Christian Camp in Tyler, TX offers partial scholarships to get help get your kids to camp! Scholarships are open to all individuals and families in need of financial help. No summer camp financial aid is guaranteed nor is the specific week of summer camp, but Pine Cove aims to give out over 1 million dollars in scholarships this year alone. These southern summer camps split campers up by age group offering campers a chance to bond with other kids their age. Pine Cove camp scholarships come from their donations from individuals and organizations. First time financial aid applicants are often given greater priority, so go apply now to send your kid to Pine Cove camp!

3. Camp Fire Central Puget Sound

Camp Fire in Seattle, Washington offers multiple sleepaway camp options so you’re bound to find one that your kid will enjoy! Camp Fire believes that every kid should have the opportunity to attend summer camp and that is why they offer help paying for summer camp through their financial aid. Eligibility for their financial aid is based on the Seattle Public Schools Free and Reduced Lunch sliding scale but they also consider extenuating circumstances. Scholarships are given out on a rolling basis of applications submitted, so be sure to submit yours early!

Camp scholarships can help you have the best summer ever

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Summer camp financial aid is an awesome opportunity to let your kids have an experience of a lifetime without all the financial stress. From camp specific scholarships to general financial aid from outside sources, you can find the help that fits your needs. Help paying for summer camp can be essential to ensure your kid can have the experience of a lifetime so don’t be afraid to do some digging to get the support you need!

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May 1, 2020
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