What Barriers Do You Face?

This question lies at the heart of our organization. Whether it be in our personal lives or at work or in our communities, we all face challenges. And we believe that what defines us is not what these are, but how we choose to respond. No Barriers empowers people of all walks of life and abilities to overcome obstacles, live a life of purpose, and give back to the world – all based on our ground-breaking curriculum, the No Barriers Life.

“My life’s journey has been to help others tap into the light inside of each of us that craves purpose, despite the barriers in our way.”

Erik Weihenmayer first blind person to summit Mt. EverestErik Weihenmayer
First blind person to have summited Mt. Everest
No Barriers Co-Founder

Our Partnerships Focus On:

We unite people behind the shared purpose of breaking through barriers. Be it engaging with our audience or engaging your employees, our work brings people together and encourages meaningful conversation that ignites change, long-term.

Seeing is believing, and the stories of our participants are second to none. The deeply personal accounts of how they have tackled life’s challenges empowers others to think, do and live differently. Our storytelling is about creating a movement, not just a campaign.

Our programs are rooted in bringing the No Barriers mindset to life, in environments that lead to significant transformation. We host targeted events for Warriors, Youth, Women and people with different abilities as well as Corporate Leadership sessions.

We Are Making a Difference

95% of No Barriers participants say their lives were forever changed.
– 2016 Duerden & Lundberg No Barriers Evaluation Report

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