No Barriers’ Top Ten Travel-Themed Songs

Music is intrinsically linked to travel.  Whether you’ve got your own personal playlist streaming through your headphones on the long bus ride between Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap or you’re taking in the live, indigenous music in your village homestay, you’ll never forget the music you hear while you travel.

To share our passion for music, here are ten travel-themed tunes you may want to take on your next road trip or adventure abroad.
  1. Budapest by George Ezra – A catchy tune that you won’t want to get out of your head.
  2. Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes – The genius of Jack White shines through in this unique folky-americana-only-can-be-Jack-White tune.
  3. I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash – The Man In Black really has been everywhere.jake-bugg
  4. Kashmir by Led Zepplin – “I am a traveler of both time and space…” A true rock-n-roll classic.
  5. Katmandu by Bob Seger – Even though he spells it incorrectly, it’s still one of the most famous travel tunes of all time.
  6. Lightning Bolt by Jake Bugg – Weather always comes into play when you travel and Jake Bugg doesn’t disappoint.
  7. Lower 48 by The Gourds – Similar to Johnny Cash’s song but still a great travel tune with a phenomenal alt-country twang.
  8. Hard Sun by Eddie Vedder – Actually, the entire “Into The Wild” album is pretty sweet.
  9. Dear Old Stockholm – During travel there are many quiet moments, and for that, there is Miles Davis.
  10. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – There is nothing like traveling, but sleeping in your own bed isn’t bad either.

If you have any travel-themed songs you’d like to share please post a message below or share on Facebook.

March 30, 2016
No Barriers

No Barriers

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