6 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Teacher for Youth

Traveling is the form of education that is accessible to all, no matter what age or race you are and no matter how much money you have in your pocket. Oftentimes we think traveling for education needs to be global traveling. That is an awesome opportunity and would be a great learning experience. BUT you can travel down the road to your local park and learn something new if you’re looking!

Humans crave learning. Whether through traditional school where you learn calculus or meeting a new friend for coffee and learning about their life, we are growing and interpreting our experiences as we go. Because of this, even the smallest traveling is the best form of education. The benefits of traveling the world, whether big or small, are innumerable. 

Why traveling is the best form of education

1. Traveling builds resilience

Our outlook on life can be constantly changing based on our life experiences. Whether we go through trial after trial or life feels like a breeze, these experiences shape how we bounce back from hard things and face life.

Traveling allows us to grow greater perspectives on life as we see different cultures and lifestyles. With this larger perspective, our levels of resilience often grow as well. Resiliency looks like being able to push through hard things and come back stronger than before. When we gain greater perspective through traveling, we often get better at taking a step back and looking at events through a big picture lens. That is an awesome skill that builds resilience. 

2. Get out of your comfort zone!

Getting out of your comfort zone is arguably one of the best ways to grow. When you step out to experience something new, your senses are often overloaded with new stimuli. As your body learns to react to these new experiences, you may feel overwhelmed. But the good thing about that is it pushed you to expand your world.

While staying comfortable is, well, comfortable, there often is not much growth. Since travel can push you out of your comfort zone, it is the best form of education.  

3. Open your mind to other cultures

When we go to new places and see different lifestyles, we often realize that our way may not be the best way, and that is awesome! Whether you travel across the country or just a town over, chances are there will be cultural difference. Getting to experience these differences can allow us to look at life in a new light. 

Seeing other cultures and peoples’ ways helps us to be more understanding and welcoming. The more we have different experiences, the more we accept differences. This is one of the best parts about traveling; becoming more compassionate and understanding of other people. 


4. Traveling makes you appreciate your culture AND other cultures more

Girl with a backpack in front of a sculpture. Once we see different cultures, chances are you will begin to appreciate others even more. Whether you are extra thankful for your own culture or the cultures you visit, gaining thankfulness can be life altering. 

Appreciation brings a positive atmosphere with you wherever you are. Not only does this make you happier, but allows you to positively impact the people around you as well. You get the chance to share your appreciation and what you have learned with others. Sharing that could help others to grow and being more thankful too. So not only does appreciation benefit you, but you can start a chain effect. 



5. Traveling inspires creativity

Creativity often stems from seeing or experiencing something new. Traveling is one of the best ways to see new things. So, it would make sense that traveling can spark creativity in many people. From the culture to the people to the designs of buildings, we come up with ideas based off of what we see. Traveling allows us to see new things which helps us broaden the things we think of.

Creativity that stems from traveling is also a great way to pay tribute to or show your appreciation for a culture. To build, write or draw something that is inspired by something you learned can go a long way. You can use this creativity to not only show appreciation but also to teach other people about the things you learned. 

6. Travel creates connections.

Connection with people comes through commonalities. So as you can imagine, expanding your perspectives and knowledge can allow you to connect with more people. Cross-culture connections can be life changing. From your neighbor of a different religion next door to the different foods eaten across the country, these connections can look very different and that is rad! 

The more we connect with others that are different than us, the more we can empathize through differences. It is so easy to judge a culture from afar, but once you know the people there, you are able to put yourself in their shoes. Through these connections and empathy created, you can make a difference in the lives of others and help others fight injustices they may be facing. 

Join No Barriers to experience the most educational benefits of traveling Youth gathered in a group in a yurt.

No Barriers youth programs offer youth all of these benefits through their travels. These programs focus strongly on building resilience in youth. From teaching them skills to use, from taking them traveling to engage in their resilience, youth gain so much from these trips. They will be pushed out of their comfort zone, while staying in a safe environment; and this is one of the best ways for youth, and all humans, to learn. 

Through these youth programs, No Barriers aims to create leaders of tomorrow. But, traveling is beneficial for all ages! Remember that no matter how far you go, there is always something to be learned and perspective to be gained! Continue to keep your eyes out for growth no matter where you are. So get out and see what there is to learn; whether down the street or across the globe!

November 9, 2020
No Barriers

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