5 Little-Known Veteran Resources

Many veterans return from the military alive, but not necessarily whole. The toll that serving our country takes on these men and women can be life altering, especially as they try to transition back into their “normal” post-service. But the reality is, their old life isn’t really there at all.

“It’s not getting back on track, but it’s creating my next track.” —Michelle Obama

From feelings of disconnection and loss of feelings of purpose to losing limbs, veterans know what it means to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Being in community with other veterans is essential to help them overcome barriers in their lives.

Whether veterans face mental, emotional, or physical struggles, you can find programs for veterans to support your journey. After veterans sacrifice themselves to protect us, it is only right that we provide resources for these heroes in our community.

Have you heard of these little-known veteran resources? Find free veterans programming to help you re-acclimate to life as a civilian and live your best life.

Helpful veteran resources you might not have heard of

1. The No Barriers Warriors Community

No Barriers hosts free outdoor trips for veterans (aka Warriors—because that’s what you are!). No Barriers offers resources from free backpacking expeditions to a Facebook community group to rafting trips down the Grand Canyon. Through these opportunities, No Barriers aims to use the outside world as a metaphor for the struggles veterans face in their day to day life, overcoming huge, challenging mountains to come out stronger on the other side.

Not only does No Barriers have awesome free trips for you to go on, but they come with a pre and post-expedition curriculum to help you gain tools and skills to gain control back into your life. The No Barriers believes in the power of community as a catalyst for positive change and the Warriors Facebook group is just that: A place to connect with others like you and support each other through the ups and downs.

2. Dog Tag Inc.

Dog Tag Inc aspires to build veterans up and prepare them to be business ready, employable and competitive. Dog Tag Inc offers a 5-month program for veterans, their families and caregivers. Through this program you will get the chance to work your way back into the business world through an innovative business and entrepreneurship-focused fellowship. One of the components of this program will help you receive a Certificate in Business Administration from Georgetown University! You will then be able to have first hand business experience while working with the Dog Tag Bakery. During the program you will also get to hear from entrepreneur and business leaders through a series of workshops. Not only during these five months will you learn new business tools and skills, but you will have the opportunity to work on your overall wellness through a holistic approach from mindfulness to yoga to journaling. 

3. Kamo Adventures 

KAMO believes that the road to restoration for veterans is mental and physical. Through offering free hunting and fishing experiences, they assist in the healing process when you are returning from the military. Every year, KAMO offers three different trips for you: spring turkey hunting, fall fishing and winter deer hunting.  By getting into the outdoors and surrounding yourself in a supportive environment, KAMO has seen healing for many veterans. KAMO also prioritizes the transition back to the civilian workforce. They support this transition through networking and employment opportunities for all veterans. They also have the opportunity to offer scholarships through their scholarship fund for the University of Kansas and the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

4. Huts for Vets

Huts for Vets base their Wilderness Therapy Program off of their belief, and the scientific proof, that nature has calming and healing powers. Through the support of others on the trip and staff, the wilderness and philosophical explorations of literature, Huts for Vets supports the overall wellness of all veterans. Their program consists of hikes that take you to the 10th Mountain Hut in Aspen, CO to dive into assigned readings, explore the outdoors and find community and support through your fellow participants.

By offering gender specific curriculum, they have found that participants feel more comfortable and dive deeper into their program. The two different curriculums discuss different topics that each gender may experience differently. For example, part of the women’s curriculum focuses on feminist challenges not only in the military but also in American culture. By removing yourself from civilization for a few days, you can experience restoration and healing both mentally and emotionally.

5. Scars & Stripes

Scars & Stripes Coffee empowers Veterans to build their own business using our e-commerce platform. When you purchase from Scars and Stripes Coffee, you are buying from a Veteran, and your purchase directly impacts the men and women who have served our country.

Veterans have the opportunity to make an income by selling Scars & Stripes Coffee. Veterans who sign up get unique codes. Whenever customers order coffee, shirts, or gear the Veteran earns commission. Customers who order without a specific Veteran code will use our Veteran generator to randomly generate four of our leaders in our company to empower. It costs $50, but you’ll receive a kit that includes your registration, marketing material, and sample coffee.

If you’re a Veteran, we invite you to join the Scars and Stripes Coffee team.

Take advantage of these veteran resources!

2019 no barriers warriors program highlights: summiting the grand tetons

Photo Credit: Nate Gillette / No Barriers.

From hunting trips and free outdoor trips for veterans to rafting down the Grand Canyon, there are programs for veterans that will meet many of their needs on their journey toward restoration.  The life altering experiences veterans face during their service deserve recognition and support. The feelings of loneliness and disconnection can be combated with the right techniques and there are some awesome programs that can help you along this journey!

The No Barriers community walks along and rallies around it’s Warriors, and that is not an experience you want to miss! 

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May 14, 2020
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