A Warrior’s Pledge: Clifford Carter

As part of Phase III, each No Barriers Warriors participant is asked to create a pledge at the end of their expedition. The pledge is an opportunity to work towards a meaningful personal goal and create a lasting connection to the No Barriers community. We hope you are inspired by the stories of how our Warriors Alumni are continuing to move forward and live a No Barriers Life.

What was your Pledge?

My pledge is to continue to teach meditation and mindfulness wherever I can. I plan to continue to work close to the Denver prison to make meditation cushions that raise money and awareness for my program. I plan to teach meditation in the prison system. I plan to ask other non-profits for interest in meditation and mindfulness programs to incorporate into their own programs.

Clifford Carter Meditation

How did it feel to accomplish your Pledge?

For me, I felt relief because it was very difficult to achieve this goal without validation from outside sources such as colleges or university study.

My experience with meditation has been from life experience and some people and organizations do not find value in life experience.

What are some of the barriers you overcame to accomplish your Pledge?

As I said previously, outside validation and believing in myself enough to keep moving forward when there were those that did not see my experience as valuable.

What advice would you give to fellow alumni as they work towards accomplishing their own Pledge?

When I think about accomplishing my goal I just remember all the times I told myself I could not take another step and then I did. The times I said I could not go on and I went a little farther. The times I said it’s too cold, I’m too hungry, I’m too wet, I’m too dirty, and I wish I were at home in my comfy bed. Then I pushed onward as if to set those cold, wet, hungry, dirty, wishes down for just a moment. Just long enough to get to the top of that summit. Once I reached the summit all those tethers fell away. This was my process of accomplishing my pledge.


June 28, 2017
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