5 Simple Ways to Support Nonprofits During COVID-19

The world has been faced with a new, scary and invisible barrier of it’s own – COVID-19. At No Barriers, we are focused on harnessing adversity, breaking through barriers, and unleashing potential to have a positive impact on the world.

Even when a new enemy presents itself.

How No Barriers is responding

We’re digging deep to channel our No Barriers Life Elements to weather the storm. We are using Alchemy to make the most of the difficult times that lie ahead; Rope Team to remind ourselves that we’re all in this together; Summits to find gratitude and appreciation during tough moments; Elevate to lift-up those around us, especially the elderly and individuals at high-risk; Vision to see a brighter future; and it doesn’t stop there! 

  • You can overcome the barriers of social-distancing by increasing your online engagement: FaceTime with your friends and family, engage with us on Instagram or Facebook, go outside and get some fresh air; take a walk; put on some music and dance; move your body every day in any way you can.
  • Use this time to reflect on the Summits in your life. It is about finding gratitude and appreciation during tough moments and recognizing the gifts learned through the struggle. Now could be a great time to start the journaling you’ve always wanted to do. It’s a challenge for most of us to find the time to recognize the gifts we’ve learned through the struggle of life.  Reflect on the gifts in your life. Find hope and strength through your reflection. What are your gifts? Share them with us on our Facebook page.
  • Need something to do with your family while isolated at home? To help you during this time, No Barriers will be posting activities, inspiration, and suggestions for you and your families on our Facebook page every Tuesday and Thursday, starting March 24. 

We’re working hard to keep our program participants’ best interests at heart (read program updates and cancellations here), and are committed to continuing building incredible adaptive programming opportunities for our wonderful community.

How to help nonprofits during COVID-19

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1. Reach out & offer to volunteer

Many nonprofits are wading into troubling waters as the country faces financial challenges caused by COVID-19. One way that you can quickly and easily support a nonprofit during COVID-19 is to offer your free time as a digital volunteer.

Virtual volunteer opportunities span the gamut, but you can expect to offer support through tasks like making phone calls to donors, revamping content on the website, creating social media content, or writing thank you letters. Reach out to the nonprofit nearest to your heart to learn the ways you can give back as a virtual volunteer over the next few weeks!

2. Become a monthly donor

Similar to supporting small businesses by purchasing gift cards, if you have the means, now is a great time to make a one-time donation to nonprofits working on causes that you’re passionate about. If you really want to make a difference in both the short and long term, consider becoming a regular, monthly donor to your preferred nonprofits.

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3. Open your network

Now can be a great time to introduce key business leaders and other valuable resources you know to the nonprofits you support. Corporate sponsors and skilled volunteers are crucial to nonprofit success, and your connections could help bolster their future prospects.

4. Get friends involved

Sharing information about the nonprofits you support and why you choose to support them can inspire your friends to think harder about how they’re supporting their favorite nonprofits amidst the COVID-19 crisis. Post on your social media channels or discuss the merits of helping keep nonprofits running during your upcoming video chats.

5. Host a virtual fundraiser

Challenge your friends, families, and loved ones to raise $50 in 10 minutes or less for a nonprofit you love! Virtual happy hours can easily become virtual fundraisers, connecting you and your community on an even deeper level as we trudge through these unknowns together.

Virtual fundraisers are best hosted on Facebook so you and all of your friends can quickly see the progress you’ve made.

We got this!

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There are dozens of more ways to get involved with your favorite nonprofit in this time of uncertainty. What would you add to the list?

Together, we will Pioneer through this challenge and remain “on rope” with our community. We are committed to having the grit, resilience, and optimism needed to help us all find our way through this difficult time. We will work to provide comprehensive and proper communication as this situation unfolds, and endeavor to help each family and individual stay inspired and engaged in living a No Barriers Life.

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March 19, 2020
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