Why is Resilience Important?

Resilient people are essential in our society. The most resilient people are those that have walked through the deepest valleys and still come out smiling and stronger than they were before. Being resilient is defined as the ability to bounce back quickly from a difficult or tough situation.

The importance of resilience can be seen in all aspects of life. From a 4 year old learning how to ride a bike to a college student leaving home for the first time to an adult deep into your career and faced with the struggle of getting laid off, hints of resilience can be seen in the way an individual handles any situation. 

This skill is something that is taught and developed as we grow through life. When we teach our children how to be resilient and are positive examples of what resilience looks like in day to day life, we are setting them up for success, no matter what they face. 

Why is resilience important?

1. It enables you to struggle well

Having resilience gives you a strength you may not have thought you had. Have you ever gone through something that you swore if that ever happened to you, you just wouldn’t make it? 

Chances are, you pushed through, embraced the obstacle and came out on the other side. Resilience helps you to create coping mechanisms and struggle through hard times while still overcoming whatever that obstacle may be. Resilient people are empowered to struggle and find what works for them to push through and come out stronger than they were before. 

2. Makes you stronger and more thankful

Personal resilience instills in individuals the ability to overcome tough times and grow stronger. After surviving a hard time, you will have learned so many lessons about yourself, your support system and your environment that you will become stronger than you were when you started.

Chances are that going through these hard things and being resilient will also make you a lot more thankful for the things you have in life. Whether it is realizing how awesome your support system is or realizing you are awesome, strong and more able than you thought, being resilient through tough times allows us to take a step back and look at our lives in a new perspective. 

3. Maintain balance when bad things happen

Resilient people may find themselves able to maintain a positive outlook on life even in the midst of chaos. Resilience enables you to use what you have and your resources to cope with your circumstances. The ability to do that helps you to maintain a balanced outlook on life no matter what you are experiencing. 

This is a super important and beneficial skill to have because it not only impacts you and your well being but also the people around you. When you can be resilient and be a positive, consistent person in someone else’s life, you can make a huge impact. 

5. Mental strength & mental health

Mental health and resilience go hand in hand. When people are resilient, they are protected from many different harmful things. Even when harmful things happen, resilience empowers you to work through them and bounce back from them stronger than you were before. This kind of strength, in terms of mental health, is invaluable. 

Going through hard experiences and using your resilience to bounce back promotes positive mental health because it shows you how strong and capable you really are. When you have a boost of confidence and assurance in yourself and your capabilities, chances are you will have a positive outlook on life no matter what comes your way. 

6. Help othersTwo people hiking across rocks, one person holding out his hand to help the other

Resilience is something that is built and grown throughout life and the people around you often have the largest impact on your resilience. That being said, you can use your resilience to influence everyone around you as well. From family members to friends to strangers, your story of resilience can influence others in a huge way.

Your testimony of being resilient when going through something really hard and coming out of it stronger than when you started can encourage others to believe that they too can break through any barriers. After bouncing back from a tough situation, chances are you will feel a newfound sense of compassion for yourself and for others in similar situations. This sense of compassion, that is earned through your resilience, can empower you to share your story and change lives. 

The No Barriers Life develops personal resilience

No Barriers empowers individuals to reach their full potential through their No Barriers Life. There are 7 main elements that are cultivated through the many programs and trips No Barriers offers and all of these elements, listed below, point right back to the idea of being resilient and how important it is to push through obstacles to become the best version of yourself. 

The importance of resilience cannot be understated

Resilience is a key skill for success in life. Without the ability to be resilient, we wouldn’t be able to push through hard times and bounce back stronger and ready to face life. Resilience that is cultivated in young kids, prepares them to experience life to the fullest because they will have the confidence that they can do whatever they put their mind to. 

No matter what season of life you find yourself in, resilience is key. No Barriers wants to rally behind you as you navigate life and cultivate your own resilience. The No Barriers Life is based upon a strong resilient foundation to then go forth and live life to your fullest potential. Head to the About page to learn more!

August 13, 2020
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