Asked Questions

To be eligible to apply for a Caregivers program, you must be a family Caregiver


Family Caregivers include any relative, partner, friend, neighbor, or someone who has a significant personal relationship with and provides a broad range of care for a person of any age who has a mental or chronic illness, a physical or cognitive disability, and/or has suffered a traumatic event. This aid can include helping with hygiene, feeding, healthcare, and much more.


A chronic, disabling disease, or disability broadly refers to an impairment of an individual’s ability to function independently during routine daily tasks. Examples include but are not limited to cognitive degeneration, physical disabilities, auto-immune disorders, PTSD, neurodevelopmental conditions, seizure disorders, etc.

For assistance filling out an application, or to request a paper copy, please contact the team via phone at 970-484-3633 ext. 303, or email caregivers@nobarriersusa.org

The ideal candidate possesses a desire to overcome their barriers, have fun, practice self-care, and connect with those around you. Applicants who are ready to connect with other caregivers and do some individual exploration are who we’re looking fo

When an application is submitted, they will receive an immediate email confirmation letting them know that their application has been accepted, and is now in our applicant pool. Beginning February 27th, our team will begin to review applications, and select individuals to be interviewed. If you are selected for an interview, a staff member will reach out to you. We will also send an email to all applicants who were not selected for an interview, and ask them to reapply next year. You can get an update on the status of your application at any time by contacting our staff at 970-484-3633 ext. 303, or email caregivers@nobarriersusa.org.

If you are offered a spot on a retreat, your first step will be filling out our registration form, which gathers important medical information, and other logistical details. Our doctor will review your medical information, and may request to speak with you if necessary. Once you are medically cleared, No Barriers staff will work with you to arrange travel (if applicable), and get you all the information you need to feel confident arriving to your experience. Once you are cleared medically to participate, you will be enrolled in our online Phase 1 experience.

Yes! Please select any experience that interests you.

Our alumni are important to us; they are the foundation of our No Barriers community. Each experience season, our priority is to serve new applicants so that we can grow our alumni community. While being an alumni does not disqualify you from attending additional programs, we will give priority to new applicants.

No prior experience is required for our programs. We ask that you come with an open mind, a ready-to-learn attitude, and a willingness to be open to new experiences with fellow Caregivers.


The Program is focused on improving the lives of Caregivers by integrating interactive online courses (Phases I and III) with transformative, curriculum-based, outdoor experiential activities in nature’s more incredible wilderness settings (Phase II)

Phase I (pre-retreat) introduces participants to the No Barriers Life, connects them to their team, sets expectations for the experience, and ensures they are administratively and logistically enrolled in the program. We do this through a series of interactions with the participants in immersive virtual activities on our online innovative curriculum platform, via phone, e-mail, and facilitator led virtual meetings. At the end of Phase I, each participant should have a clear, realistic understanding of the experience (itinerary, logistics, leaders, etc.), have been introduced to their teammates, and be familiar with the No Barriers Life and the Life Elements

This is the “in-person, transformative experience” where the participants have the opportunity to experience the No Barriers Life in-person and transform the way they perceive themselves, their barriers, and their futures, all the while building bonds with their experience team. Through group interaction and self discovery, we encourage them to reflect on their passions, recognize their strengths, and explore future possibilities. This part of the experience is either a multi-day retreat or a single-day retreat.


Once you return home, you’ll participate in the Phase III portion of the experience. This is our immersive, remote segment of the program that continues as participants work to accomplish their goals and stay connected to their community. At the conclusion of Phase III, participants are welcomed into the Alumni Community

No Barriers covers the costs of lodging, food, and transportation while on the program. Applicants are responsible for their travel from their home to Denver, CO. If you are unable to cover your own travel to Colorado, scholarships are available!

No Barriers Caregivers programs are designed to help individuals work on themselves, so bringing a guest of any kind is not permitted. Please refer back to our website’s home page for other No Barriers opportunities that you can participate in with your friends and family members.


Our experiences are led by a team of experienced outdoor leaders, who come from many different backgrounds. We strive to keep a healthy mix of Caregivers and other guides, men and women, and different personalities. Our leaders are passionate about what we do, and are the backbone of our experiences.


The number of participants on each team can vary, but in general, we have 12-16 Caregivers, 3-4 Program Leaders, and the occasional photographer. Our virtual experiences don’t have a limit.

Many of our participants come from sea level and our leaders are well trained in the effects of altitude. It is important to drink water and stay hydrated during these transitions. From the moment you arrive, your leaders will encourage you to drink water and will be monitoring everyone for signs of altitude sickness.

Weather in the mountains of Colorado has a reputation for being variable and can change within the same day. Temperatures can range from 30° F to 80° F, or higher, depending on the time of day and elevation. The outdoor elements can be part of the challenge we meet in the sidecountry. We prepare for both sun and rain with proper rain gear, warm layers, and plenty of sunscreen.


For overnight retreats, participants will have a sleeping bag, and be lodged in large platform tents with bunks and mattresses.


We take pride in our campus cuisine, and cook as much fresh, healthy food as possible. We’ll have plentiful snacks, and can work with nearly any dietary restriction/allergy. Don’t expect steak and lobster, but our leaders make some pretty delicious meals.


No Barriers can loan gear like sleeping bags, hiking boots, insulation layers, and day packs for programs. Packing lists are provided to each individual with specific gear for each experience. Participants are encouraged to use their own gear, if they want, however, Program Leaders have the final say on what goes into the field. Please, no machetes, hatchets, or firearms.


No Barriers prioritizes the health and safety of our participants and staff. As such, we implement policies and procedures that mitigate health and safety risks, including requiring actions that reduce the risk of contracting and spreading the COVID-19 virus. Examples of requirements that could be put into place include: properly wearing recommended face coverings, maintaining physical distance indoors, providing negative COVID-19 PCR test results, and/or providing proof of current COVID-19 vaccinations. Specific requirements are determined based on information regarding the current spread of the COVID-19 virus, current CDC guidelines, and recommendations from No Barriers’ medical advisor, and will be communicated to participants with sufficient time to comply with these requirements.


Contact our Program Director at caregivers@nobarriersusa.org or call us at 970-484-3633 ext. 303