What's Your
Everest Hike

What’s Your Everest is our annual fundraiser
What’s Your Everest brings people together to challenge what we believe we are capable of. This event has roots in Erik Weihenmayer’s summit of Mount Everest in 2001 and is now a metaphor to empower people to overcome their personal challenges; their Everests.

In mountain sports, a rope team is a group of mountaineers or climbers who are linked together by a safety rope to protect individual members of the group from falling. Inspired by teamwork and communication Erik and the founders of No Barriers,  adopted this methodology in the  No Barriers Life Elements as a term to surround yourself with people who will support you through life’s journey.

Using this mindset, What’s Your Everest brings individuals of all abilities together to push, pull, and support each in their efforts to reach their own personal Everest. Participants take this life-changing experience back home and are inspired to create their own rope teams to guide them through life’s challenges. 

This year a beautiful, diverse population of over 400 people broke through their own barriers and engaged in the Summit and What's Your Everest in Estes Park, Colorado.