warriors program

No Barriers Warrior Programs help Veterans redefine their identity, purpose, and community as they face past and present challenges.

the NEED

According to a 2019 Department of Veteran Affairs study, while the Veteran population is declining, the percentage of Veterans with a service-connected disability has been steadily rising.  These injuries, both visible and invisible, add to the potential struggle a Veteran can face after transitioning out of military service, and reintegrating into their civilian communities.

our solution

Using the No Barriers life philosophy, we craft an experience that challenges Veterans to critically think about where they are in life, where they want to be, and how to get there.  This experience gives them new tools, strategies, and drive to overcome barriers that are holding them back – as well as a new support team that will be with them throughout the program.

Our Veterans’ programs serve as both an opportunity for growth and a catalyst for change as these brave men and women stretch physical and emotional boundaries, foster camaraderie, push through adversity, and step up to serve others. 

Warriors programs are separated into two categories: We offer opportunities for veterans to come together in person for our back-country expeditions or virtually, for our Warriors At Home program.
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Life-Changing Programs

Warriors Expeditions

Warrior Expeditions are adventure based trips, where we bring Veterans to us, to take a deep dive into the No Barriers Life. We challenge them to overcome some serious obstacles in the wilderness.
Basecamp Expeditions take place at the No Barriers Mountain Campus in the northern Rocky Mountains. They are designed to serve a wider spectrum of Veterans with varying levels of injury and ability, while still being an exhilarating and challenging experience. Our Basecamp Expeditions feature a day of whitewater rafting on the Cache la Poudre River, a day of rock climbing on our private crag, and a destination day hike to one of the amazing locations in the surrounding Rocky Mountains. All of this is wrapped up with our No Barriers Life curriculum, campfire conversations, and a healthy amount of disconnect from the busy world.
Backcountry Expeditions are our most challenging Warriors offering. They take place in the wilderness, far off the beaten path, requiring Veterans to push themselves, and rely on their team to complete multi-day backcountry missions. These expeditions are typically backpacking trips in the high country, multi-day river trips, or attempts to summit some of America’s premiere peaks.

Warriors at Home

Warriors at home is a perfect way to engage with the Veteran community, as well as work through self-improvement, from a space of your choosing

Craving camaraderie, community, and personal growth? A Warriors at Home program might be suited for you.
Each year, we strive to impact as many Veterans as possible. The reality is, we only have so much bandwidth to bring people to us. We also recognized that not every Veteran can, or wants to, leave their homes, jobs, or families for a week. With our Warriors at Home offerings, we bring No Barriers Warriors to you – wherever you are.
There are a few ways to engage with No Barriers, and fellow Veterans at Home: The Warriors Facebook Group and Rope Team Roundtables.

Warriors Facebook Group

Warriors Facebook Group is a great place to keep up to date with No Barriers, check out great content, and chat with fellow Veterans. All are welcome. 

Rope Team Roundtables are virtual community meetings that are centered around connecting Veterans to No Barriers, resources and helpful information, and of course – other Veterans.  These meetings are a mix of facilitated conversation, intriguing guests, and relevant topics.

All Veterans, as well as active duty service members, are welcome to join Rope Team Roundtables.  You can join in and jump into the conversation, or sit back and listen. 

No Barriers Programs are SAVING LIVES

Don't just trust our word for it!

"Not to be overdramatic, but I think this program may have saved my life"
No Barriers Warriors Participant
“This program and its leaders made me realize that it’s important to step outside of my comfort zone more often. This program has helped me accept the help of others and be able to ask for assistance.”
No Barriers Warriors Participant
“During the dark days of the pandemic, Warriors At-Home was a bright spot in my week – it connected me to my people, and motivated me to get outside and explore.”
No Barriers Warriors Participant

Join Our
warriors commuity

A private safe non-judgmental space for veterans to connect, have real conversations about how to look to the future with positivity, have thoughtful discussions, and build community.