the warriors program

No Barriers provides transformative programs for Veterans with disabilities that shift mindsets, create belonging, and foster self-discovery to elevate individuals and their communities.

The application window for the 2024 Warriors season has closed, however, we invite you to complete the form below to be kept in the loop on future opportunities, events, and more!

backcountry expeditions:

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Backcountry Expeditions are a highly challenging yet highly rewarding Warriors opportunity. Set in the breathtaking landscapes of Colorado and Wyoming’s Rocky Mountains, as well as the serene beauty of North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, these expeditions span 12-15 miles of wilderness. Far off the beaten path, Veterans are challenged to surpass their limits while fostering teamwork. These 5-7 day trips are unique, demanding, and unifying experiences that are sure to make a lifelong impact.

basecamp experiences:

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Basecamp Experiences allow Veterans to immerse themselves in a multi-day program at the picturesque No Barriers Mountain Campus nestled in the mountains of Northern Colorado. These experiences are designed to serve a wide spectrum of Veterans with varying levels of injury and ability, while offering an exhilarating and challenging experience. Our Warriors Basecamps have been known to feature a day of whitewater rafting, rock climbing, and destination hike. All of these experiences wrapped in our No Barriers curriculum, campfire conversations, and a healthy amount of disconnect from the world around us.

A photo of two people exchanging a hug at a summit.Mental health requirements, notably Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), feelings of disengagement from the community, and the desire for renewed purpose and identity, stand as pivotal elements impacting transitions from military to Veteran status. When transitioning from military to Veteran status, individuals face the arduous task of reconstructing their sense of belonging (Community), defining their sense of self (Identity), and nurturing a passion to make a meaningful difference (Purpose). These challenges can be further intensified by having a disability. Failing to address these obstacles can lead to difficulties in employment, relationships, mental well-being, substance abuse, and other hardships.

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Through our Warriors programs, we empower Veterans to tackle life’s obstacles using the structured problem-solving framework of No Barriers. The Warriors Program spans three months, providing an immersive opportunity specifically tailored to enhance the lives of Veterans with disabilities. It introduces them to the No Barriers problem-solving framework, seamlessly blending interactive online components (Phases I and III) with impactful outdoor experiential activities set in awe-inspiring natural wilderness settings (Phase II). These No Barriers Warriors experiences are crafted to challenge Veterans of diverse ability levels, fostering a sense of belonging (Community), aiding in the development of self-identity (Identity), and nurturing a drive to make a positive impact (Purpose).

We actively encourage Veterans to reflect on their past experiences, acknowledge their present circumstances, and embrace an optimistic outlook towards the future. Our overarching belief is, “What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way.”

We equip Veterans with a powerful framework, the No Barriers Life, designed to help them surmount life’s challenges. Our step-by-step approach empowers Veterans to confront these hurdles by reshaping their perceptions of themselves, their barriers, and their future possibilities.

In the initial phase (Phase 1), participants are introduced to the No Barriers Life and the sequential framework that will guide them in overcoming barriers that may have stemmed from their military service. This phase not only acquaints them with their team members but also lays the groundwork for their journey.

The experiential phase (Phase 2) allows participants to witness the No Barriers Life principles in action. It offers them an opportunity to grasp how each element contributes to addressing their challenges while fostering stronger bonds within their team.

Upon returning home, Veterans embark on the practical application phase (Phase 3). Supported by their team, they finalize their personal Vision statement and develop a roadmap to support it. They also identify a specific goal to focus on during this phase of the program. This phase marks the practical implementation of the lessons learned, enabling Veterans to apply these newfound skills to their daily lives.

  • Jun. 5-9: Backcountry (North Carolina) 
  • Jun. 28 – Jul. 2: Basecamp (Colorado)
  • Jul. 12-16: Basecamp (Colorado)
  • Jul. 26-30: Basecamp (Colorado)
  • Aug. 2-6: Basecamp (Colorado)
  • Aug. 13-19: Backcountry (Wyoming)
  • Aug. 22-28: Backcountry (Colorado)
  • Sept. 5-11: Backcountry (Colorado)
  • Sept. 15-21: Backcountry (Wyoming)

Don't just take our word for it!

"Not to be overdramatic, but I think this program may have saved my life"
No Barriers Warriors Participant
“This program and its leaders made me realize that it’s important to step outside of my comfort zone more often. This program has helped me accept the help of others and be able to ask for assistance.”
No Barriers Warriors Participant
“During the dark days of the pandemic, Warriors At-Home was a bright spot in my week – it connected me to my people, and motivated me to get outside and explore.”
No Barriers Warriors Participant


2024 warriors program leaders


Program Manager


Moriah (Mo) Leuthauser grew up in a small town in Western Colorado. There she spent time outside with her family- skiing, backpacking, climbing and camping. She was introduced to adaptive recreation through an internship with a nonprofit organization that offered recumbent cycling tours from Telluride to Moab for disabled veterans. She was inspired to get involved with adaptive recreation after seeing the joy and healing that she had witnessed it bringing.  She attended Grand Canyon University, where she worked as a guide in the outdoor recreation program and received her Wilderness First Responder certification. Then, she worked at the National Ability Center as an adaptive ski instructor and as an adaptive raft guide for multi day rafting trips. During this time, she earned her PSIA Adaptive Level 1 cert and her Swift Water Rescue Level 4 cert. She now works for No Barriers as the Warriors Program Coordinator, but most enjoys opportunities to be in the field. In her free time, she enjoys mountain biking, rock climbing, skiing, board games and gardening. She hopes for a future where outdoor recreation is more accessible for all people and she plans to devote her career to this cause.