Team unbroken

Team UNBROKEN is an adaptive athletic team founded by
CSM Gretchen Evans (Ret.).

Team UNBROKEN is an adaptive athletic team founded in 2019 by Command Sergeant Major Gretchen Evans (Ret.). The mixed ability team competes in all types of athletic competitions, races and events. All members of Team UNBROKEN have endured some form of life-altering injury, illness, trauma, or disability. The team is made up of both veterans and civilians to model the collaboration and unity that is needed in our world.

Team UNBROKEN lives by the No Barriers mantra “What’s Within You Is Stronger Than What’s In Your Way”. The purpose of the team is to inspire people who also have faced a significant obstacle in their lives not to be defined or limited by that barrier. Team UNBROKEN serves as an example to help individuals in the midst of their struggle, to overcome their fears, face their struggles, and ultimately live fulfilling lives.

The team will be participating in a wide range of races and events all across the country in 2023. Team UNBROKEN was featured on the World’s Toughest Race, hosted by Bear Grylls, and currently airing on Amazon Prime.


Command Sergeant Major (ret) Gretchen Evans

Rusty, Hearing and PTSD Service Dog

Dr. Anne Lord Bailey

Chaplain Curtis Drafton

Major (ret) Daniel “Dan” Runyon