“No Barriers has impacted me in many ways. The first thing is teaching me to overcome my fears. The one thing I learned is that stepping outside your comfort zone might be scary but in the end it’s totally worth it. It taught me to not fear.”

– Student Testimonial

Learning Afar logoIn partnership with AFAR Media, we are creating a place that opens the mind and perspectives of today’s disadvantaged youth by showing them the world. AFAR Media believes in deeper, richer, and more meaningful travel experiences. We know that immersing yourself in other cultures and exploring communities outside your own allows you to see yourself in a new way. Learning AFAR makes it possible for all youth to have the opportunity to explore their world, realize their potential, and transform their communities through their experiences.


Nationwide, 31 million school-aged children live in poverty with only 50% of low-income students graduating from high school. Many young people live in neighborhoods where poverty and crime are common, and job and education opportunities are not. Underserved youth and students with mixed abilities must continually advocate for themselves to receive accessible opportunities to grow and develop into the leaders we need today. This puts these young people at a serious disadvantage when it comes to having a chance at economic self-sufficiency, full civic participation and becoming leaders for sustainable change. They lack a passion or vision for the future because they haven’t seen a dream come true. Closing this gap by giving them hope, knowledge, and a vision is more important than ever.


No Barriers can change the trajectory of the lives of young people through transformative experiences, educational content and community building activities that foster positive development for youth ages 12-19. No Barriers has been changing these youth’s life course for 16 years. We help our future leaders see what’s possible in their lives and in the world, setting participants on a path to fulfill their potential, both personally and as agents of positive change in the world.

Our programs provide opportunities for youth to develop a sense of purpose and competence, grow through challenges, connect with others and give back as leaders who serve. The result is youth who are equipped with the tools to face personal and global challenges, and who transition into adulthood inspired to fulfill their potential.

Our open enrollment and Learning AFAR scholarship programs aim to ensure that all youth, regardless of background or ability, have opportunities to experience the world and their place in it, because too many of today’s youth are being left behind.

Students climb in Grand Canyon

Leading the Way Grand Canyon


The No Barriers Life framework is the basis for our curriculum and experiences. The framework is made up of 7 elements, or characteristics, for living a No Barriers Life. No Barriers developed these elements to exemplify the mindset and actions that allow us to break through barriers, unleash individual and collective potential, and have a positive impact on the world. Through life-changing experiences, whether in the field or online, participants learn about the elements and internalize them through activities designed to help them reframe and overcome the barriers in their lives.




Foster Care Program

A fully funded annual expedition for students who are in foster care or have been in the system previously. Scholarship recipients are judged based on financial need, academic merit and leadership potential.

Children of the Fallen

The Children of the Fallen program invites children of fallen service members and first responders to carry on the legacy of their loved ones as they experience the transformational power of rafting.

School Groups

Working with underserved schools and districts in cities across America, we provide full funding for educators and students to have an educational travel experience.

Partnering with the World of Hyatt, we sent a team of students from Chicago on the trip of a lifetime.







Working with our generous supporters, we provided a yearlong educational experience for foster care kids with a trip to the Grand Canyon as a key highlight.



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“To have a transformative effect on a single student is something that every educator strives towards. Meaningfully impacting the life of a few students over a career would be deemed a success. But this program, through the generous support of our donors, allows us to deeply impact far more than a few. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this trip has touched an entire school community.”

– Afar Educator


“It has made me remember how important it is to stay in touch with nature and to have people that you can count on when you need help or support.”

– Student Testimonial


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