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Together, they talk with individuals who are defying all odds in the pursuit of learning to live a No Barriers Life.

Podcast Hosts

Erik Weihenmayer

No Barriers Co-founder, adventurer, author, and first blind person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest

Dave Shurna

Executive Director and Co-founder of No Barriers, entrepreneur, and educator

Jeff Evans

Adventurer, expedition guide, and Co-founder of No Barriers Warriors

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Latest Episode

EPISODE 11: A Servant Heart — A Conversation with Major Diggs Brown

A Servant Heart, a conversation with Major Diggs BrownDiggs has had seemingly many lives. He’s a current film actor, served in the Army as an officer in the Special Forces, and even worked as a financial advisor — the position he had when 9/11 happened, which led to his decision to join the Army. The conversation starts with Diggs describing how he found the organization No Barriers at age 56 after returning from Afghanistan with a TBI and other injuries, including PTS and joined the No Barriers Warriors to take on his first expedition with other veterans.

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Episode Archive

EPISODE 1: What is the No Barriers Podcast?

Episode 1, what is the No Barriers podcast

This episode will introduce our listeners to the mission behind the No Barriers Podcast and what we are trying to accomplish with putting this out to our community. To start you will meet our hosts and hear about their background.

EPISODE 2: The Roots of No Barriers: A Conversation with Co-founder Mark Wellman

The roots of No Barriers, a conversation with co-founder Mark WellmanMeet the legend: Mark Wellman. Mark met with our hosts at our studio in Golden to discuss his storied climbing career, his many first ascents and other athletic achievements, as well as his devastating accident that left him a paraplegic. Hear the humble genesis of No Barriers, the nonprofit Mark and Erik co-founded and the namesake of this podcast.

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EPISODE 3: Leading from the Front with Former Command Sergeant Major, Gretchen Evans

Leading from the front with Command Sergeant Major Gretchen EvansOur hosts connect with Gretchen Evans, a former Command Sergeant Major in the US Army, bronze star recipient, No Barriers Warriors leader, and a newly minted author. Gretchen details her journey of serving her country, becoming deaf from a rocket blast, and the struggle to find purpose and meaning outside of the service and with a disability.

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EPISODE 4: Ethan Johnston: A Blind Man’s Journey from Ethiopia to the U.S.

Ethan Johnson, a blind man's journey from Ethiopia to the United StatesMeet Ethan Johnston, a young man living in Colorado who has overcome great odds in his life to find independence and happiness. As a young boy, Ethan was kidnapped from his family in Ethiopia, blinded and used as a beggar. He was found and eventually adopted to a family in the U.S. and discusses the path that led him to finding his way out of so much darkness.

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EPISODE 5: Just Say Yes – Talking with Paralympian Cyclist Billy Lister

Just Say Yes, talking with Paralympian Billy ListerOur guest, Billy Lister is a Paralympic cyclist, who most recently represented Team USA in the Rio Olympics, competing in both track and road events. 18 years ago, Billy was diagnosed with a rare and acute brain abnormality which resulted in a loss of mobility due to a stroke. Listen to hear about his experience with adversity and his No Barriers journey to becoming a world-class Paralympian.

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EPISODE 6: Driving the Bus in Business and in Life – Talking with CEO, George Heinrichs

Driving the Bus in Business and Life, talking with CEO George HeinrichsGeorge Heinrichs’ resume is filled with awards and accomplishments for his aptitude for business as well as social justice. But George would not have gotten where he is today, the CEO of a major company, without facing barriers both professionally and in his personal life.

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EPISODE 7: Innovation Born From Adversity – Tom Dixon Talks about his No Barriers Story

Innovation Born from Adversity, Thomas Dixson's No Barriers StoryOur hosts talk with Tom Dixon about his innovative app that he created as the result of an injury he sustained in his mid-twenties when he was hit by a car and suffered a traumatic brain injury. His TBI caused seizures and severe losses in his episodic memory, a type of amnesia meaning he does not recall the details of his day. Instead of retreating into a dark place, Tom used his new condition to be the catalyst to create the innovative mobile app ME.mory that helps him fill in the missing memories.

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EPISODE 8: Entrepreneur and Advocate Heidi McKenzie Makes Her Mark with Humor and a Loud Voice

Entrepreneur and advocate Heidi McKenzie makes her mark with humor and a loud voiceJeff, Erik, and Dave talk with Heidi McKenzie, who is speaking from her home state of Kentucky. After a car accident left her as a T4 paraplegic in a wheelchair when she was just 21, she not just survived but started a thriving career and has been an outspoken advocate for folks with disabilities.

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EPISODE 9: Bringing No Barriers into Business — Meet SVP Steve Rae

Bringing No Barriers into Business, meet SVP Steve RaeAfter establishing Steve and Dave’s Chicago connection, the hosts dive into why he’s been brought on as a guest: after Steve attended a No Barriers Corporate retreat he was able to recognize the core No Barriers elements that he could bring back to his own company to reinvigorate his teams.

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EPISODE 10: Combatting Apathy — A Recipe For Activism With Shannon Galpin

Combatting Apathy, a recipe for activism with Shannon GalpinMost of the time, Shannon explains, people find activism overwhelming and, especially in this day and age with all that is going on, it can seem like too much work to be involved. And instead, people become apathetic. But Shannon’s goal is to get people (including her daughter) to blast through this apathy, find their passion, and start working towards a goal or project to bring about change.

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